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Steel on Wheels


Like with many every days, steel has played a large part in the innovative development of automobiles. Without the lightweight yet durable material, the automobile industry couldn’t have advanced so quickly in such a short time. Cars built before 1900 were primarily made of wood, similar to the coaches and wagons they were built to replace. Early in the 20th century, the process of metal fabrication of steel and aluminum allowed carmakers to shape metal into virtually any shape.

New technologies for forging metal made auto bodies and chassis stronger than ever, and by the 1930s, all-steel bodies were the industry standard. But the way steel really changed the auto industry is because the stamping and welding process was adaptable to mass production. Steel use in the automobile industry created the assembly line we know today.

Steel cars could be made in greater volumes and at lower costs. Steel has answered challenges of anticorrosion, quality and safety.

watermark_0922_v2(1908) The Ford Model T was the most widely produced four-seat car of its time, and was named the most influential car in the international Car of the 20thCentury awards.






watermark_0922_v1(1964) The Ford Mustang is an American classic, and one of the best-selling cars ever. It is one of the most recognized American muscle cars. With the introduction of lighter steel, automobiles began to reach new speed and power.






Advancing the Industry


POSCO’s automotive steel plates are used by many carmakers today. Its Advanced High Strength Steel (AHHS) is lighter in weight, yet stronger, more robust and more durable than other steel. POSCO’s steel technology is contributing to vehicle weight reduction, which has an effect on fuel economy. As materials become lighter, reducing mass, fuel economy is maximized. Cars can travel faster and longer using less fuel, while remaining safe.

Automakers around the world have been using steel for the past 100 years. POSCO has been working with global carmakers like Renault, FIAT, Ford and Toyota, as well as over 200 auto components manufacturing plants such as BOSCH, Delphi and Valeo. With advanced steel technology, POSCO will continue to drive the automobile industry.

watermark_0922_v4POSCO provides leading car makers such as Renault the light weight steel that makes technology of the future possible. Last year, Renault unveiled its EOLAB concept car at the 2014 Paris Motor Show and again at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show.

POSCO has been working with Renault since 2012 to co-develop light vehicle body and automobile chassis solutions, with the goal of being both stylish and environmentally friendly. The technologies featured in the Renault’s EOLAB are expected to be ready by 2020.



The Future of Cars

As the steel industry continues to evolve, new materials are being produced which are expanding the possibilities of the future of automobiles. As steel gets lighter and stronger, it improves safety, durability and fuel economy. Because steel is lightweight, durable, affordable and recyclable, it will continue to play a large role in the auto making industry for years to come.

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