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POSCO Newsroom Introduction

POSCO Newsroom

Welcome to POSCO Newsroom

As a global top steel-manufacturing company, POSCO is committed to providing timely and accurate news and information on the company and the industry.

Find the latest news on POSCO’s products, technology, corporate values and more at POSCO Newsroom.

POSCO Newsroom Sections

Business - From steel, global infrastructure to new growth, the category features the latest news on POSCO’s business activities including POSCO’s ongoing effort to maintain and enhance its global competitiveness.

Society - Serving as a news channel for POSCO’s corporate citizenship activities, the section shares the progress of the company evolving as a corporate citizen and seeking mutual growth alongside the communities.

People - Find out the inspiring stories of POSCO’s corporate culture and people. The ‘People’ section provides the stories behind POSCO people both in Korea as well as overseas.

Featured - The ‘POSCO Reports’ subcategory provides in-depth analysis on POSCO technologies and the industry’s latest; from the story of the Iron-Man suit to steel sustainability, ‘Steel Matters’ is dedicated to spotting and covering engaging topics on steel.

POSCO TV - Presents the video contents of the latest stories of POSCO.

Press Room - The ‘Press Release’ and ‘Image Gallery’ subcategories exhibit the latest news reports and images issued by POSCO.  ‘About POSCO’ provides a data-based POSCO Fact Sheet with visualized information on POSCO’s global business figures and achievements.