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POSCO Newsroom Introduction

POSCO Newsroom

Welcome to POSCO Newsroom

As a global top steel-manufacturing company, POSCO is committed to providing timely and accurate news and information on the company and the industry.

Find the latest news and press releases on our products, technology, corporate values and more here at POSCO Newsroom.

POSCO Newsroom Sections

Headline - Read the latest news and information on POSCO’s products, services and corporate initiatives

Steel& - Discover our vision for the future, including the various applications of POSCO’s WP(World Premium) & WP+ products, new materials such as eco-friendly and light-weight steel, and our smart factories

Featured - Take a closer look at various studies and research on the applications and sustainability of steel as well as featured stories on the ins and outs of POSCO

About POSCO - Provide easier understanding of POSCO’s global business figures and achievements with visual images