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POSRI Releases First Edition of Bi-Annual English Journal “Asian Steel Watch”


In our daily lives we need and use steel more than we realize. Steel is an essential part of the cars we drive and the machines that grind our morning coffee. Steel is found in automobiles, railroads, ships, machinery, home appliances, buildings and factories.

To analyze and explain the role of steel in the world, POSRI (POSCO Research Institute) has created Asian Steel Watch, a bi-annual journal that features content focused on the Asian steel industry.

This new journal is published in English and will cover current issues, as well as market forecasts and analysis. It is published by POSRI, which provides research-based consulting services for the steel industry.

POSRI, a subsidiary of POSCO, investigates the current economic issues and industries related to steel, making it the perfect organization to publish an informative and interesting journal about steel.

Asian Steel Watch provides in-depth analysis of the ever-changing trends in supply and demand and imports and exports, as well as the prices of steel products. It will also offer a broad analysis and insight into Asia’s macroeconomic environment and the trends in key Asian steel-consuming industries.

Ohjoon Kwon, President of POSCO, has big plans for this new publication, noting, “Asian Steel Watch will provide useful information that will guide governments and enterprises through current issues in the Asian steel market, including oversupply, customs duties, antidumping measures and environmental regulations.”

The steel industry supports each country’s manufacturing sector and overall economy. In order to maintain a stable economy, it’s essential to have access to timely information and analysis about the steel industry.

President Kwon stated, “At a time when information is power, Asian Steel Watch provides a firm foundation for the collaborative growth of Asia’s steel industry, further contributing to the stability and prosperity of the global steel market.”


Coming Up

In the first edition of POSRI’s Asian Steel Watch, a number of interesting stories, from “The Myth and Reality of Global Steel Overcapacity” to “China’s Steel Industry Meets the New Normal” were covered.

Some of the subjects explored in the bi-annual journal will be featured on The Steel Wire over the next few months.

The Myth and Reality of Global Steel Overcapacity: Overcapacity has long been blamed as the main cause of the recession in the steel industry (especially the price decline), but this claim has not yet been backed by enough systematic analysis. Through an expert Q&A with Dr. Rod Beddows we’ll answer the most common questions regarding overcapacity.

The Evolution of the Steel Production Process: The steel industry has continued to grow thanks to the superior characteristics of steel materials and economic mass production. We’ll discuss how mankind first began making steel using charcoal during the Iron Age, as well as how the steel production process has developed since then.

China’s Steel Industry Meets the New Normal: China’s economy maintained a double-digit annual growth rate for decades, and then slowed to around 7% in 2012. Chinese authorities have described this as the “new normal” state. Now China’s steel industry is aiming to find a new way of growth.

Korea’s Next Big Manufacturing Leap: Innovation Based on Culture, Creative Workforce, and Technology: Concerns are mounting over Korea’s manufacturing sector. Growth continues to taper, and profits keep falling. This is due largely to the sluggish global economy, which is struggling to recover, and to Korea being nudged out by its rivals, China and Japan.

Increased Trade Barriers in Southeast Asia Following a Rapid Rise in Steel Imports: Many Southeast Asian countries have concerns over surging Chinese steel imports and the subsequent loss of competitiveness of their steel industries. Amid an ongoing supply glut in the global steel industry, Southeast Asia has become a major destination for excess steel products from China.



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