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7 Ways POSCO is Building a More Sustainable World


Ranked as the 35th most sustainable corporation in the world by the Global 100 and having been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 12 straight years, POSCO is proud of its work in building a more sustainable world.  

Advancements in products, production methods, and new technologies have helped POSCO expand the expectations of what a sustainable steel company should be.  

In honor of Earth Day, The Steel Wire takes a look back at seven recent initiatives & breakthroughs from the last year that have helped POSCO become an industry leader in sustainable development.

POSCO GIGA STEEL: Lighter for EVs, Less Production Emissions

POSCO GIGA STEEL: Lighter for EVs, Less Production Emissions
As the auto industry heads toward producing lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles, they need materials that are both strong and light. Car bodies manufactured with POSCO GIGA STEEL and other advanced high strength steels could see a
26% reduction in total weight. Also, based on its life cycle assessment measuring carbon dioxide emissions from production to recycling, POSCO GIGA STEEL performs remarkably well as an eco-friendly material. According to the World Steel Association, steel emits 2.0 to 2.5 kg of carbon emissions when producing 1 kg of material while aluminum emits 11 to 12.6 kg when producing the same amount.

See how POSCO GIGA STEEL offers an ideal material solution for automakers looking to make more lightweight and fuel efficient cars.

POSCO’s Smart Factory Introduces Artificial Intelligence

When POSCO introduced artificial intelligence into its smart factory operations in February, they were able to create higher quality products using a more sustainable production method. Coating weight control is a highly sophisticated process that keeps the coating layer consistent. Quality can deviate depending on the worker, but with POSCO’s new AI technology they can ensure quality control while reducing wasted zinc during production.

Read more about how POSCO is using AI and smart factory technology to make its operations more efficient and sustainable.

POSCO’s Advancements in Lithium Extraction Recharge the Battery Industry

POSCO’s Advancements in Lithium Extraction Recharge the Battery Industry
Lithium extraction traditionally takes anywhere from 12-18 months using a slow evaporation technique. However, POSCO’s new extraction method, which came online in February of this year, takes from 8 hours up to one month while also offering a purity rate of 99.9% and increasing the lithium recovery rate to over 80%, which reduces the resources needed for extraction making the process more sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, in a first for the industry, POSCO developed a way to extract lithium from recycled batteries. Both of these innovations have helped create more eco-friendly processes for an industry that is expected to grow exponentially in coming years.

Find out more about POSCO’s developments in lithium extraction and its efforts to reshape the industry.

POSCO Expands Production of its Non-Oriented Silicon Steel for Electric Vehicle Drive Motors

Top-grade non-oriented silicon steel is a core ingredient in high-efficiency premium consumer electronics and electric vehicles. It is an environmentally-friendly material that saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. With the completion of its non-oriented silicon steel (Hyper NO) facility on February 20, production has increased from 80,000 to 160,000 tons, which is enough to supply parts for approximately 2.6 million electric vehicle drive motors.

Read more about POSCO’s efforts secure its position as a leading supplier to the growing electric vehicle market.

POSCO Humans Selected as Innovation Leader for Sustainable Solar Power Development

POSCO Humans Selected as Innovation Leader for Sustainable Solar Power Development
POSCO Humans received excellent evaluations last January for its steel structures that were built for solar facility installations. In particular, POSCO Humans received high marks for its structure that are used exclusively for floating solar power generation facilities and exclusive bolts that utilize PosMAC. It is a bolt-assembled structure that eliminates the need for hole machining and special tools.

Discover how POSCO developed floating solar panels using PosMAC.

POSCO’s World Premium Stainless Steel Shows No Corrosion After 18 Years at Incheon Airport

POSCO’s World Premium Stainless Steel Shows No Corrosion After 18 Years at Incheon Airport
The first passenger terminal at Incheon International Airport was built in 2001 using
POSCO’s 446M steel, and after 18 years, few signs of corrosion have been seen. Building exteriors and roofs are the most visible parts of buildings, while also being the most vulnerable to corrosion. Materials used in their construction should be both corrosion-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, when planning for the second terminal, they decided to use the same type of steel along with the application of the bead blast process that will create a rough texture on the roof to lower the reflectivity rate for aircraft pilots during take-offs and landings.

Find out how POSCO’s stainless steel products offer decorative and durable interior and exterior options in buildings.

PosMAC Shines at Renewable Energy India

PosMAC was recognized at the Renewable Energy India expo for its unique properties that make it uniquely suited for solar energy development. PosMAC is not just lightweight, it is also non-corrosive and durable enough to last 20-30 years.

Find out more about PosMAC at the Renewable Energy India expo, or find out more about PosMAC.


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