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POSCO Humans Selected as Innovation Leader for Sustainable Solar Power Development


POSCO Humans was selected as one of the top 11 leaders in sustainable solar innovation in 2017 by “Solar Today.”

This evaluation was designed to measure the current status of the sector and also to see where it is headed. LG Electronics, LS Industrial Systems and Hanwha Q CELLS were selected along with POSCO Humans.


A panoramic view of a floating solar power system installed with POSCO’s corrosion-resistant World Premium PosMAC Profile in Boryeong Dam by POSCO Humans.

POSCO Humans started its solar power business in 2013 with Korea Water Resources Corporation in order to provide a framing system for a floating solar power system. Currently, the company is carrying out projects in the structural and EPC sectors.

POSCO Humans received excellent evaluations for its steel structures that were built for solar facility installations, the use of PosMAC materials for solar power generation, and its eco-friendly floating solar power systems.

In particular, POSCO Humans received high marks for securing superior technology in its PosMAC profile – including a structure used exclusively for floating solar power generation facilities and exclusive bolts that utilize PosMAC. In particular, the PosMAC profile is a bolt-assembled structure that eliminates the need for hole machining and special tools. Therefore, the PosMAC profile garnered attention as a cost-saving product that can greatly cut back on installation time.

Based on this technology, POSCO Humans also conducted other energy-related projects including a floating solar power system at Boryeong Dam (2.0Mw) in South Chungcheong Province, a land solar power system (1.0Mw) in Shihwa Lake, a water purification plant in Siheung (0.4Mw), and a pumping station at Gwangmyeong for the Korea Water Resources Corporation (0.6Mw).

In the future, POSCO Humans will develop its solar EPC business into new next-generation business areas and plan to provide its customers with total solution services such as business feasibility studies, design, construction and post-construction operations.

*PosMAC: A highly corrosion-resistant alloy-coated steel sheet developed by POSCO’s proprietary technology which is more than 5 times stronger than conventional coated steel sheets in corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.


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