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Nine Lives, Unlimited Possibilities of Recyclable Steel


Although an unlikely pairing, there’s something that steel and cats have in common: nine lives. In an infographic posted by the World Steel Association (worldsteel), steel travels from airplanes to cars and even down to your toaster – making it the most recyclable-friendly material ever. In fact, steel has unlimited recyclable capabilities. Here is more information about the nine lives of steel.

Steel Everywhere! Steel in Our Daily Lives

It is hard not to use recycled steel every day. Can you imagine cutting steak with a plastic knife? We unconsciously use recycled steel, which is often revived in watches, canned food, cars, containers, rollercoasters and more. We use steel in different forms every day and we’re sometimes not even aware we’re using it. Wherever you go, you will find steel! Steel’s recycling qualities are not only unlimited, but the material has a variety of ways it can be reused.


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What Can We Do With Recycled Steel?

Steel’s wide range of recyclability allows us to have effective and efficient lives. In some cases, it can also help protect the environment. The story the infographic by worldsteel describes tells us about how recycled steel helps both us and the Earth.


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Cars made with recycled steel can be reborn as nine different useful products. Steel recycling does not stop there, as it continues to transform into various products via endless re-recycling. What’s interesting about recycled steel is that it saves our time, lives, and even our planet. Cars made with recycled steel are lighter, cleaner and more efficient. They emit less emissions and save us money at the pump.

Less is More – And For the Better

Steel and automobiles are best friends. It is hard to make cars without steel. Compared to the past, customers now prefer lighter cars because they are lighter, have lower fuel consumption, and are simply more efficient. Even more interesting is that lighter cars are more environmental friendly. Also – and most importantly – as cars become lighter, they reduce fuel consumption and use less steel to reach fuel efficiency standards.

The less steel in cars, the better! As illustrated by the 2014 Paris Motor Show, manufacturers are moving toward economical and practical vehicles with low fuel consumption and close to zero emissions. Part of the new concepts of the cars of tomorrow take account lighter steel plates and the economic cycle of steel.


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It is rather interesting to see how various ways steel can be used as technology grows and industries develop. It will be even more interesting to see how steel will be incorporated into our lives in the future and even today.

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