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POSCO Signs PosMAC Supply Agreement with British Manufacturer Top Tubes


On October 12th at the POSCO Center, POSCO signed a PosMAC supply agreement for pipe production with Top Tubes, a British pipe manufacturer specializing in cold rolled and galvanized steel.

Among the attendees of the signing ceremony were Adam Bradley, CEO of Top Tubes, Byeong-ryong Suh, Head of POSCO Construction Steel Materials Sales Group and Chae-il Lim, Head of POSCO Daewoo Hot-Rolled Sales Group.

Top Tubes is a UK-based company established in 1994. POSCO first supplied test products of PosMAC steel to Top Tubes in 2012, and in 2013 sold PosMAC for the first time in Europe. In 2016, when zinc-magnesium coated steel was gaining traction globally, CEO Bradley visited South Korea to discuss an extended application plan for PosMAC.

Then, in June 2017, Top Tubes launched MAGNAtube, a premium pipe brand using PosMAC, marking the first time an overseas client established a secondary brand using PosMAC.

Top Tubes plans to actively promote the use of PosMAC in their MAGNAtube products, to feature PosMAC steel’s advanced corrosion resistance compared to namal galvanized steel and its cost-effectiveness in comparison to stainless steel.  

CEO Bradley said, “We have the utmost confidence in POSCO’s products due to the various verification processes of PosMAC. We also expect that MAGNAtube will prove to be a leading, strategic product that will shape the future of our brand.”

POSCO plans to continue to be a reliable partner to Top Tubes and other potential partners in the European market. In order to achieve this, POSCO has developed technical and customized solutions including corrosion-resistant materials suited for the wet and salty climate of the UK, optimal welding wires and a corrosion-resistant pipe seam welding technology.  

Cover photo courtesy of Mining Global.


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