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POSCO to Donate 1 Billion KRW to Aid in Restoring Areas Damaged by the Floods


l POSCO’s employee volunteer groups to join relief efforts for victims of heavy rains

POSCO has donated 1 billion KRW to Korea Disaster Relief Association in order to aid residents affected by the recent heavy rainfalls in South Korea.

The donation will be used to support victims in the flooded areas.

In addition, POSCO’s employee volunteer groups will take part in quickly restoring damaged areas, prioritizing those that are most severely affected and require urgent help.

In particular, the volunteer groups will visit South Jeolla Province, the most severely damaged area, and help in restoring the living spaces of local residents, including house repair and wallpapering activities.

A POSCO official said, “We will seek various ways to help the local community, including through the ‘Change My Town’ program operated by POSCO 1% Foundation. We hope that these efforts will help those affected by the heavy rainfalls return to their normal lives.”

Meanwhile, a total of five POSCO group companies along with POSCO participated in the donation: POSCO International, POSCO E&C, POSCO Chemical, and POSCO Energy.

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