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POSCO Launches a New Website, ‘POSCO Products’


l Detailed categories to guide visitors through POSCO products and industry updates – from Industries, Product, Mega Trend, Application Technology, Media to Customer Support
l Technical information made more accessible for both the general public and POSCO customers
l The site features visitor-friendly and creative visuals: PR movies, virtual tour of products, 360-degree view of POSCO products story

POSCO opened a brand-new website dedicated to industry promotion, client services, and much more.

The new site just launched on Monday ( featuring detailed reference on the company’s various steel products.

The ‘POSCO Products’ site consists of six categories: Industries, Products, Mega Trend, Application Technology, Media, and Customer Support which aim to make technical products information more accessible for the general public and their clients.

‘Industry’ displays various steel products of everyday use through the following sub-categories ranging from automotive, construction, shipbuilding to home appliances.

‘Products’ provides comprehensive information on POSCO products like hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, steel plate as well as the products of affiliates: secondary battery materials (POSCO Chemical), color coated steel sheet (POSCO C&C), stainless steel (POSCO International), electrical steel and processed steel plates.

Under ‘Mega Trend’, ‘Neo Mobility’ features sustainable future modes of transportation like EVs, whereas a ‘Mega City’ unveils a futuristic city with long-span bridges, mega-tall buildings, and modular housings. Through ‘Eco Energy,’ the last sub-category of ‘Mega City,’ visitors can browse products related to sustainable future energy like wind and solar power.

The site utilizes creative visual contents like informational video footage to explain specific features of POSCO’s products, which promotes a more comprehensive understanding for the visitors. There is also a virtual exhibition which gives a 360-degree view of the company’s steel products. Rather than a simple list-up of their products, the site guides the visitors through the original application of storytelling approach and 3D-visuals. These contents can be found in ‘PR Movies’ under the Media section.

The ‘Virtual Tour of Products,’ also nestled under Media category, provides a replica of the POSCO Global R& D Center located in Songdo. With the ‘Virtual Tour,’ visitors are just a few clicks away from the Songdo as they virtually navigate various spots of the R&D center.

The new website also demonstrates POSCO’s constant endeavor to improve their client relations – it allows more prompt response for POSCO customers by providing specified channels through which they can send their inquiries about the specific category of their interest so that their question can be promptly directed to the relevant department.

Meanwhile, through the establishment of the new website exclusively dedicated to product promotion, the company seeks to actualize their management principle ‘Business with POSCO’ to advocate for mutual growth with POSCO’s partners and clients. The site is also likely to be utilized to expand the sales of POSCO’s World Top Premium (WTP) products.

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