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POSCO Creates Pathways for Emerging Artists


This month on The Steel Wire, we are exploring themes of creativity in the world around us. We have looked at the impact of steel in award-winning movies like La La Land, as a part of the music industry’s biggest night, and in famous pieces of architecture around the world. Today, we turn our spotlight on the artists who have pushed the boundaries of art and inspiration.

The POSCO Art Museum was founded in 1998 to foster creative growth by supporting new and established artists. POSCO began organizing the ‘The Great Artist’ competition in 2014 and since then has supported 53 emerging artists, helping them show their work to new audiences, both near and wide.

Paving Pathways for Emerging Artists  

In 2016, POSCO selected a total of 11 emerging artists working in various media, from photography to sculpture to painting. The exhibition was held at the POSCO Art Museum in Seoul from December 7-30 and showcased a total of 35 pieces. Let’s take a look at the 11 participants from the last competition who pushed the boundaries of creativity.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Chaos #10’

‘Chaos #10’ by Joolee Kang


Titled ‘Chaos #10’, Joolee Kang expressed the ambiguity of today’s advanced world and the way humans can manipulate the process of natural evolution through means like hybridization and genetic engineering. Kang is passionate about creating art pieces that reflect the way people appreciate and compete with nature at the same time.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Imagined Memories’

‘Imagined Memories’ by Inkyung Kwon


Through his painting titled ‘Imagined Memories’, Inkyung Kwon has expressed how people form memories and anticipations about specific places and spaces to which they belong and how these memories are often explored in the realm of imagination.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Kangsan Moojin’

‘Kangsan Moojin’ by Chunjae Kim


The setting of ‘Kangsan Moojin’ is the development site of Songdo International Business District in Korea. Chungjae Kim has portrayed the development site as a utopian fantasy and how we are facing a hostile atmosphere while dreaming of a more convenient future.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Imagined Memories’

‘Time of Others’ by Sukmin Park


In this work, Sukmin Park looks at objects that cannot be contextualized in our daily lives and rearranges them through spontaneous imagination.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Homage to Becher II’

‘Homage to Becher II’ by Seungwon Yang


Seungwon Yang photographed an observatory tower that has been designed and created for specific purposes in the past. The image explores how buildings can be easily built and destroyed as they exist only in a temporary form.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Camino Recto – Madrid’

‘Camino Recto – Madrid’ by Saejung Lee


Through her work ‘Camino Recto – Madrid’, Saejung Lee conveys her impressions of Madrid from when she first visited the city and what was most memorable to her: the Plaza Mayor.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Particle G800301 II’

‘Particle G800301 II’ by Yongsun Jang


In ‘Particle G800301 II’ by Yongsun Jang, the artist underscores how everything around us is made of particles and  expresses the mystery of life and the universe under the theme “Luminescent in Darkness.”


POSCO the Great Artist ‘The Wall in the Mind Ⅲ’

‘The Wall in the Mind Ⅲ’ by Yoomi Chung


Yoomi Chung’s ‘The Wall in Mind III’ makes observations on the abandoned styrofoam that can be found all around us. Her work expresses the physiological boundaries that exist between people, which can be tense and soft, or broken down in a moment.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘Karat Variable Chemical Solution Glass, Electronic Device’

‘Karat Variable Chemical Solution Glass, Electronic Device’ by Jiyeon Jung


Artist Jiyeon Jung created an installation consisting of 10 sound tubes and 9 seed-shaped glasses – all of which have light shining through them. Jung emphasizes how their shape and sound change based on light and temperature, as if they are telling a story on creation.


POSCO the Great Artist ‘The Maker’

‘The Maker’ by Jihyeon Jung


Jihyun Jung makes connections between the ordinary scenes around us and the social issues that are present under the surface. In this work in particular, Jung looks at what happens in an apple field without a toilet.


Han Kyungwon ‘The Great Artist’ of 2016 

The winner of ‘The Great Artist’ competition was Han Kyungwon. Han has painted landscapes since she was a university student studying oriental painting, but has moved beyond the traditional to make something individual to her vision.   She expresses her unique viewpoint in an emotionally compelling way by creating and then destroying her work with fire.

Han began painting landscapes with the encouragement of her university professor. Her passion grew and she began visiting the mountainside up to three times per week to paint. However, one day while painting, she became so frustrated that she decided to burn her assignment. Upon looking at the charred remnants of her work, she realized it was more compelling to her than the traditional paintings she had been so focused on creating.


‘Ash-6’ Work of POSCO’s 2017 ‘The Great Artist’ Competition Winner (2010)

‘Ash-6’ Work of POSCO’s 2017 ‘The Great Artist’ Competition Winner (2010)


Since then, she has been working on the process of creating and destroying her work to reveal the dualities of life. As the winner of ‘The Great Artist’ competition, Han will be awarded with her own solo show at the  POSCO Art Museum in 2017.

The 11 emerging artists who participated in the ‘The Great Artist’ competition all portrayed their unique ideas and passion for art. POSCO will continue to promote emerging artists who have the courage to display their creativity to the world and contribute to pushing the boundaries of art in Korea. Which of these pieces and/or artists inspired you the most?

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