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POSCO-America TSC to Strengthen in the World Premium Product Markets



POSCO-America TSC (Technical Service Center) is strengthening its technical services and solution-based marketing support for its US and Mexican clients. The company opened last year with two offices in Mexico City, the capital and largest city in Mexico; and Birmingham, Alabama. Past January, it opened one more place of business in Houston, Texas. Based in these three cities, POSCO-America TSC is engaging in technical services and EVI (Early Vendor Involvement) activities for its clients in North and Central America, in which automotive and energy steel products are in high demand. Mexico is a global automotive industry hub. World’s top-notch automakers such as Nissan, GM and Volkswagen have active business operations in the country.


POSCO-America TSC Mexico City is currently focusing on automotive industry, providing technical services while working hard to develop new clients. It is also pursuing a certificate in automotive steel products. In an effort to increase the sales of steel products produced by POSCO and its local sales unit, POSCO-Mexico, the company is exchanging information with local processing centers and distribution corporations. POSCO-America TSC is scheduled to open a new business operation in Detroit, Michigan, within this year. Many global automobile manufacturers have headquarters and R&D centers in the city. Once it is opened, the Detroit office will dedicate itself to providing technical services for car companies in North America, as POSCO-America TSC Birmingham does.


Houston along with Scotland’s Aberdeen are two of the global energy industry hubs.  Located in Houston are companies from various sectors of the energy industry, such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) corporations and equipment fabricators. For this reason, POSCO-America TSC Houston is striving to get information about new business opportunities, by engaging closely with its key clients. As a result of all these efforts, POSCO-America TSC successfully signed a contract to supply GI (galvanized steel) products to a major US truck maker. Upon hearing that the GI materials the truck maker had been supplied were often flawed, POSCO-America TSC proposed a solution, in an effort to win trust from the company (and it worked perfectly!). The employees of POSCO-America TSC Mexico City demonstrate a high level of satisfaction with their everyday lives, due much to mild climate and friendly locals.


In addition, they take a great pride in representing POSCO’s automotive and energy steel business in the country with great growth potential. Living up to the motto, ‘POSCO the Great’, all the employees of POSCO-America TSC will enhance its efforts to provide its clients with upgraded technical services and solution-based marketing support. In addition to pursuing a certificate in automotive steel products, POSCO-America TSC will seek to strengthen partnership with key clients through more frequent contact with them. The company also plans to form a consultative group with local manufacturers, to improve the quality of its products.

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