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POSCO Participates in OTC, the World’s Largest Offshore Convention


l POSCO jointly hosts the company exhibition with clients and implements its vision – ‘Business with POSCO.’
l POSCO organizes an unprecedented customer-invitation seminar on the topic of “Premium Steel and Solution for Energy.”
l Showcased products include high manganese steel, steel plates for offshore structure, and steel for wind towers.

POSCO continues the pursuit of global dominance in energy steel market by participating in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the world’s top technology fair.

▲ POSCO exhibition booth at OTC in Houston, Texas – from May 6th to 9th, POSCO participated in the world’s top offshore tech conference showcasing the company’s World Top Premium (WTP) products.

The four-day conference kicked off on May 6 in Houston Texas. OTC draws over 2,000 companies and more than 60,000 visitors every year. For industry participants, it provides an excellent opportunity to showcase cutting-edge technology for offshore drilling, exploration, and environmental protection . The meeting also offers venues for industries to identify potential clients. POSCO has been attending the OTC for twelve straight years.

Taking forward the company’s ‘Business with POSCO’ principle, POSCO jointly hosted the exhibition booth with its client companies, who specialize in offshore resources. For the first time in the OTC 2019, POSCO is also organizing a customer-invitation seminar aimed to promote mutual growth with its customers. The seminar is scheduled to take place on May 8.

This unprecedented seminar is set to showcase POSCO’s World Top Premium (WTP) products and its technology and is open to engineers and all affiliated personnel from major energy and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) sectors. The forum expects active knowledge and technology sharing on POSCO’s WTP products that will help boost the competitiveness of POSCO and its customers.

Among POSCO’s many products, high value-added steel plate products such as cryogenic high manganese steel, wind tower steel, and extremely thick steel plates for offshore structure are expected to draw visitors’ interests.

One such product is POSCO’s cryogenic high manganese steel which received IOM (International Maritime Organization) approval in December last year. The demand for high manganese steel is likely to grow as the market for LNG carriers expects growth because LNG is being recognized as one of the eco-friendly energy sources. POSCO’s wind tower steel was used in Hornsea, the world’s largest offshore wind farm in which its excellent durability and corrosion-resistance were duly recognized.

POSCO will also showcase PosMC (POSCO Mega Caster), extremely thick steel plates for offshore structure – by far holding the world’s top spot for its thickness. Developed exclusively by POSCO, the PosMC is capable of producing slabs of up to 700 mm in thickness, which means the company can supply steel plates of up to 233 mm in thickness.

Furthermore, POSCO’s client companies –TK Corporation and Chang Won Bending Co., LTD.— will showcase heavy-wall welded pipes and pipe fitting , both produced using POSCO’s steel plates. The seminar attendees will have the firsthand experience to observe POSCO’s steel from materials to its final products.

▲ POSCO’s exhibition booth at OTC main conference hall

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