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NAIAS 2017: Safety in Steel Paves the Way for the Cars of the Future


The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, or the Detroit Motor Show) began on January 11 with over 61 new vehicles and 5,000 journalists from more than 60 countries. The NAIAS not only demonstrates the current direction of consumer demand but also paints a picture of where the industry is headed.



Volkswagen brought back its iconic Microbus in the form of a new electric, self-driving ID Buzz concept car. (Engadget)


The headlines from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) were all about self-driving, electric, and connected cars. As these topics continued to be highlighted at NAIAS (see the new Volkswagen ID Buzz pictured above), there was also a focus on the importance of structural design.

Innovations in high-strength steel have allowed car makers to reduce the weight of vehicles without compromising safety. From large sedans to electric vehicles, advances in steel were spotted all throughout this year’s NAIAS with BMW’s new 5 Series and Ford’s new 2018 F-150 both showing off their lightweight aluminum and high-strength steel compounds that helped shed more than 100 kg from the BMW model.

The push to make vehicles lighter raises safety concerns. Lighter cars require lighter steel, and to make lighter steel there are typically other compromises that have to be made. POSCO, however, with its advanced high-strength automotive steel, has found the solution for automakers to make cars that are both safe and lightweight.


The new BMW 5 Series (left) and Ford F150 (right) made their debut at the North American International Auto Show. Both models used advanced high-strength steel to reduce weight and maintain safety. (NAIAS Image Archive)


POSCO’s Lightweight Auto Solutions Increase Safety

In 2016, POSCO became the first steelmaker to participate at NAIAS, displaying its advanced high-strength steel for automobiles, including its the PosM Steel and hot press forming steel (HPF). PosM Steel is five times stronger than other types of steel making it great for impact absorption and increased safety.



Providing a rapid solution upgrade for strengthened crash requirements, the safety of POSCO’s advanced materials has been certified by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In addition, the strength and crashworthiness of POSCO’s advanced steel solution received a score of 5 stars from USNCAP and ‘good’ safety ratings on the IIHS Moderate Overlap Front and Small Overlap Front tests. By reducing possible safety concerns with high strength body solutions, POSCO is able to contribute to the advancement of global auto manufacturers.

With steel being more important than ever in the auto industry, POSCO’s commitment to improving the strength and safety in its automotive steel has helped it maintain its position as a global industry leader. As Gregory Warden of GM said, “there is a whole new generation of steel coming” – and POSCO is helping to lead the way by creating new solutions that guarantee safety and fit the unique needs of its partners.


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