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POSCO Announces New Steel Sheets at Detroit Motor Show


POSCO revealed the automotive steel sheet of dreams with notable stability and machinability at the International Auto Show for future cars. During the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) from January 11 to January 24, POSCO will present its technological exhibition for the first time as a steelmaker. POSCO plans to display POSCO’s unique raw materials for the future of automobiles, such as TWIP (twinning-induced plasticity steel) and hot press forming (HPF), among others.

POSCO_Detroit Auto Show in Detroit

POSCO will exhibit its technology for the first time as a steelmaker at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 11 to 24.

TWIP is the “dream material” that has improved its intensity and machinability, and has been produced by POSCO for the first time as a steelmaker, representing the unique power of POSCO’s technology.

This steel’s intensity is five times stronger than other steel in terms of machinability, while withstanding up to 100 kg per mm². Therefore, it proves excellent in impact absorption and increased safety. This technology can be applied to bumper beams of automobiles. Many competitors have tried to develop TWIP, but failed to deploy it on a commercial scale.

HPF steel is hard to process when the intensity level exceeds 1.5 GP. To counteract disadvantage, HPF has increased its machinability through heat treatment. This product can be applied to center pillars to protect passengers from external accidents. POSCO has become the world’s first steelmaker to successfully produce a product in level of 2GPa. This product was first introduced as Renault’s 1 L concept car at the Paris Motor Show in 2014, and it earned favorable reviews.

POSCO will also showcase the 1GPa-TRIP, a recently developed steel with high intensity and ductility, and the PosM_XF (extra formability), the next generation TRIP with improved machinability.
For the NAIAS, POSCO aims to attract global automakers’ purchasing needs by revealing the most idealistic steel plates for automobiles.

POSCO_Detroit Auto Show

About 30 high-strengthened and light weight products including POSCO’s original products are being exhibited at this year’s motor show. POSCO plans to get attention from global automobile companies by presenting the auto body made with most ideal and the world’s best car sheets.

The weight of the steel itself is about 26.4 percent lighter compared to mid-sized vehicles and has been verified in terms of safety. It received a five-star safety rating, as well a “good level.” which is the highest level possible, for internal performance evaluation conducted by Europe and North America’s automobile collision evaluation Institute, Euro NCAP and IIHS.

In addition, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which measures the amount of CO2 discharged throughout the entire life cycle from material production to recycling, showed that the internal combustion engine body was 50 percent lower, and average electric car emission was about 9 percent less. It also gives off fewer emissions of CO2 compared to electric vehicles made with one-third the gravity of aluminum in comparison to iron.

POSCO currently supplies automobile steel sheet to the automobile manufacturers and component manufacturers, including the global top 15 companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and GM through 10 automobile production plants and 24 machining center. POSCO has proven its quality excellence by receiving “This Year’s Supplier” from the world’s leading automotive companies such as Toyota and GM.

POSCO is planning to expand 70 percent or more of World Premium (WP) steel sheet sales ratio by not only supplying products but also providing use of technologies such as molding and welding for customer’s best utilization of certain products through the development of solutions marketing activities.


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