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Making Summer Vacation More Meaningful


There are many ways to get the most from your summer break: sight-seeing somewhere you’ve never been, bonding with family and friends or just spending a little extra “me” time. These can all help create memories that will last a lifetime. These days, more and more people are traveling to volunteer their time in an effort to make positive changes in the world. Here’s how the POSCO Global Volunteer Group spent its summer vacation.


It Takes a Village

image1The POSCO Village started in 2010 to provide safe housing to low-income residents of Vietnam. The project’s goal is to complete the construction of 128 houses. Currently, 43 houses are complete and 85 are under construction. A project to complete the remaining houses is a joint effort of the POSCO 1% Foundation, the local government and HABITAT. They are also planning the construction of water supply and sewage systems for the residents in the Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, where 25 percent of residents live below the poverty line. The project provides learning sessions to guide residents on how to build and manage houses. POSCO 1% Foundation was established in 2013, and is funded by the donations of POSCO employees who donate one percent of their monthly salaries. It was founded to support and empower impoverished communities, while still preserving the local traditions.


The Global Volunteer Group

2Volunteers from the POSCO Global Volunteer Group have been working on the construction of these homes since August 1, putting their summer vacation time to good use. The group is made of fifty carefully chosen members who build houses during the hot days and prepare for move-in ceremonies in the evenings. The POSCO Global Volunteer Group also visited an orphanage in the neighborhood, delivering clothes and toys for the children. Through their community support initiatives, the volunteers are hoping to connect with the residents.  


Building a Community

image33Says Choi Hyang-sook, a volunteer from POSCO Humans, “Despite my physical disability, I have a happy work life at POSCO Humans, a standard workplace for the disabled. I hope others can also overcome their current difficulties and enjoy their lives. POSCO Global Volunteers are all different ages and have many different jobs, but we are joining together to help local people live in a house built by their own hands.” Whether you travel or not for summer vacation, there are many ways to make your time off as meaningful and memorable as possible. You can find ways to volunteer your time and effort in your local community, as well as communities beyond.

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