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Infographic: Driving the Future with POSCO GIGA STEEL


As standards for fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions, and auto safety become more strict, auto manufacturers and consumers are looking for lighter, more eco-friendly, and safer cars. As the auto industry changes, POSCO GIGA STEEL provides an ideal solution for both auto manufacturers and consumers.

It combines several unique features:

  • Strength & Safety: POSCO GIGA STEEL is more than three times stronger than automotive aluminum. Because of its high strength, POSCO GIGA STEEL also adheres to some of the most stringent international safety standards.
  • Formability: Because the mixing ratio of manganese has been precisely controlled, POSCO GIGA STEEL has highly formable properties that allow it to be made into complex auto parts without any special processing.
  • Lightweighting: Because POSCO GIGA STEEL boasts high strength, it is possible to use less of it. This ultimately makes it lighter than car frames made of general steel or aluminum.
  • Affordability: POSCO GIGA STEEL is a cost-effective solution for automakers, especially when compared to alternative materials, which in turn helps lower prices for consumers.
  • Sustainability: When looking at the entire lifecycle of a vehicle made with steel, POSCO GIGA STEEL emits 10% lower CO² emissions compared to aluminum.

Take a look at the infographic below and discover the benefits that POSCO GIGA STEEL can bring to both automakers and consumers today.

Infographic: Driving the Future with POSCO GIGA STEEL


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