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[Global Corporate Citizenship Story] POSCO-Mexico’s Initiative to Create a Green City With POSCO Green Forest


POSCO-Mexico has actively explored solutions to the environmental challenges at Altamira Industrial Park, where there is a notable lack of green spaces. After eighteen months of dedication, the ‘With POSCO Green Forest’ initiative was inaugurated in October 2023. This project not only aims to heighten local awareness of environmental preservation but also strives to reduce air pollution. We warmly invite you to visit the ‘With POSCO Green Forest’ site, a place where life thrives, the air is purer, and a sustainable future is being carefully cultivated.

POSCO-Mexico commenced operations in December 2006 and launched its first continuous galvanizing line (CGL) at the Altamira Industrial Port in Tamaulipas in 2009. To meet increasing demand, the company enhanced its production capabilities by adding a second CGL in 2014, reinforcing its role as a key contributor to Mexico’s steel industry.

The Altamira Industrial Complex, home to POSCO-Mexico’s two hot-dip galvanized steel production facilities (CGL), serves as a center for chemical and logistics companies. This industrial activity leads to high levels of air pollutants, including sulfur oxides. Without significant green spaces to mitigate these effects, and compounded by frequent heatwaves and droughts, air pollution has become a critical social issue, posing health risks to the local population.

Committed to advancing corporate citizenship through community engagement and human resource development, POSCO-Mexico promptly acknowledged the urgent issue of air pollution. In response, the company launched a resolute effort to address it. After eighteen months of dedicated work, POSCO-Mexico reached a significant milestone in August 2023 with the establishment of the ‘With POSCO Green Forest,’ aimed at environmental improvement. We are delighted to share the journey of creating this forest with you.

Through the launch of the ‘With POSCO Green Forest’ initiative, POSCO-Mexico is set to develop a lush forest in Altamira Industrial Park, aiming to improve air quality and reduce pollution.

After thorough preliminary research, POSCO-Mexico proactively engaged stakeholders, underlining the urgent need to establish a forest. This concerted effort not only heightened awareness but also encouraged active participation. As a result, the municipal government of the involved Mexican city demonstrated its support by generously providing a 1.09-acre plot of land at no cost for the forest project, affirming the success of POSCO-Mexico’s initiatives.

POSCO-Mexico conducted extensive research on the Altamira region, the selected site for this forest, and customized the ecosystem to fit local conditions. The area’s tropical climate, marked by limited rainfall except during the rainy season from September to November, necessitated the design of an efficient irrigation system to support optimal tree growth. POSCO-Mexico cleverly tackled this challenge by integrating a tailored irrigation solution that supports the forest’s development.

POSCO-Mexico’s eco-friendly initiatives feature rainwater recycling and the use of renewable solar energy. The effectiveness of these technologies led to their integration into the adjacent ‘With POSCO Smart Bus Stop’ project, which also supports the nearby forest. A rain gutter installed on the bus stop’s roof channels rainwater into a storage tank, from where it is then distributed via pipes to forest sprinklers that automatically water the trees at set intervals. This innovative system underscores POSCO-Mexico’s dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Additionally, the smart bus stop, powered by solar energy and launched in 2021, offers a carbon-neutral solution that improves safety and convenience for residents, ensuring reliable bus service during extreme weather conditions.

POSCO-Mexico’s eco-conscious irrigation system has nurtured the development of a self-sustaining forest, now thriving independently. This milestone was celebrated by Mexican media with the headline, ‘Tamaulipas State, Mexico Welcomes Its First Self-Sustaining Forest.’

▲Mexican media highlighted ‘With POSCO Green Forest’ project.

POSAMI, POSCO-Mexico’s employee volunteer program, successfully implemented an eco-friendly forest that utilizes rainwater recycling. Through eight planting initiatives, POSAMI has planted a total of 1,577 trees, comprising 175 oak trees and 1,402 fig trees. These species were chosen for their superior carbon absorption capabilities.

In September 2022, employees and their families participated in a tree-planting volunteer event, with children actively joining their parents in volunteer uniforms. Together, they not only planted trees but also deepened their understanding of environmental preservation. This event reinforced POSCO’s dedication to corporate citizenship and its commitment to creating a better world. In the ‘With POSCO Green Forest,’ approximately 1,577 trees, including those planted by the volunteers, have now taken root, symbolizing a beacon of green hope.

The project’s success was due to a collaborative effort that involved close communication with the city government, neighboring companies, and a local university. POSCO-Mexico spearheaded the initiative by developing a comprehensive plan for the forest, designing the ecosystem, and organizing planting activities, all while actively engaging the community to garner support. The municipal government was instrumental in providing the land at no cost and facilitated the involvement of nearby companies. Six companies in the industrial park—M&G, AISTAC, Saavi, Orbia, Styropek, and Indelpro—donated resources and technologies to enhance the project’s success. Additionally, a local university contributed valuable expertise by creating aerial views of the forest and analyzing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) financial impacts.

To recognize the collaborative efforts, flags representing the contributing companies, POSCO-Mexico, and the Altamira municipal government were raised at the site. Additionally, a promotional video detailing the creation of the ‘With POSCO Green Forest’ is showcased on municipally owned LED boards, serving as a reminder to residents about the importance of environmental protection.

Furthermore, POSCO-Mexico inscribed five brands of corporate citizenship onto the exterior walls of five rainwater harvesting tanks to promote its corporate citizenship values and enhance its visibility.

Over the next decade, the lush green forest, which includes 1,577 oak and fig trees, is expected to absorb approximately 740 tons of carbon dioxide and produce 140 tons of oxygen. These activities are estimated to generate an economic benefit of $529,100. Additionally, the forest is set to reduce the local heat island effect and lower particulate matter concentrations, significantly improving air quality in the community.

POSCO-Mexico will track ESG impacts by systematically documenting changes in carbon and oxygen levels, and will get ready for the forthcoming Mexican cap-and-trade system and the tightening of environmental regulations. Continuing its efforts to set a global standard and lead in ESG, POSCO-Mexico remains dedicated to fulfilling its community responsibilities through diverse social contribution efforts.

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