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Celebrating a Year of Achievement at the Innovation POSCO Festival 2016


POSCO held the Innovation POSCO (IP) Festival 2016 on December 1 and shared the achievements and best practices of the POSCO Total Innovation Methodology (POSTIM).

Celebrating a Year of Achievement at the Innovation POSCO Festival 2016

The IP Festival 2016 award winners, who made great achievements through POSTIM this year, pose for a photo with their families and POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon.

Held in Pohang with the theme “Let’s Innovate Together,” the event also took place simultaneously in Seoul, Songdo and Gwangyang through video connection. Over 1,200 POSCO Group employees attended the event, where they shared the achievements of the POSCO Total Innovation Methodology (POSTIM) and resolved to take the initiative in generating profitability by devoting themselves to innovation.

The event kicked off with President Eunyeon Hwang introducing the event with Tolmang, a robot operated by artificial intelligence. The video made by and featuring employees presented this year’s performance in innovative activities, and revealed that innovation can be attained through the cooperation and unison of those involved.

The participants then shared the achievements of POSTIM from the past year, such as its establishment, expansion and the foundation of its cause. They also listened carefully to learn about the target performances of POSTIM, such as POSCO Six Sigma Plus, Quality Stability Safety Plus and Smart Work Place, as well as next year’s direction for innovation.

In the presentation of outstanding IP projects, those that produced notable results were introduced among various differentiated plans for improvement, followed by a quiz about the contents of the presentation. The best idea contest was held in the form of a battle, where the participants explained their ideas to the audience and the audience voted for the best one onsite. Also, the unique video presentation of QSS+ best filmed by Group affiliates, global branches and outsourcing companies, captured the audience’s attention.

In the event, 35 successful projects from organizations and individuals this year received citations through POSTIM, with 7 receiving special rewards. Families of the award winners also attended the ceremony that day, which added to the excitement.

The video aired toward the end of the festival emphasized that “we” are at the heart of POSCO’s future innovation, and moved the hearts of the viewers with a wonderful presentation of POSCO’s mindset and plans for the next 50 years.

“We must use POSTIM for all POSCO Group employees to communicate in a single language and constantly seek innovation,” said POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon. “With our potential, let’s promote PSS+ and QSS+ more quickly and robustly next year and prepare ourselves for POSCO’s next 50 years.”

Unlike previous events, this year’s festival also featured a robot to convey the image of the company’s smart innovation activities in a natural and friendly manner. Moreover, the presentation of the performance was not in the form of one-sided speeches but in more diverse and engaging styles that met the employees’ approval. These presentations won the empathy of the participants, and highlighted the performances that emphasized the role of innovation for the future.


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