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Applications Open for the 14th ‘Beyond’, POSCO’s Global Youth Volunteers


l The 14th Beyond will participate in resolving social issues through projects to regenerate rural towns
l Prospective applicants can apply on the official Beyond website from December 14 to 28

POSCO is recruiting members of the 14th “Beyond,” a newly reorganized university student volunteer group in 14 years.

Established in 2007, Beyond is a youth volunteer corps aiming to foster conscientious global citizens. POSCO was the first Korean company to devise such an initiative, and every year, 100 university students nationwide are recruited as Beyonders. Up to date, about 1,300 Beyonders served at Beyond.

Beyonders have participated in various volunteer activities in Korea and abroad, such as the Steel Village project, which includes building steel houses in Indonesia and Vietnam. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities were on hold this year.

Considering the current status, POSCO collected opinions from university students and newly organized a program, suitable for the post-corona era, to be carried out in Korea. The number of recruits has also been halved to 50, and online and offline activities will be conducted in small teams to minimize face-to-face contact.

The program to be initiated from the 14th Beyond targets rural areas where Korea’s major social issues, such as low birth rate, aging population, and polarization, are evident. With the help of experts, the Beyonders will participate in planning and executing a project to regenerate the rural towns.

The Beyonders can develop the ability to resolve social issues with the regeneration projects, as well as acquire new experiences that are difficult to encounter in urban areas through exchanges with the elderly of the rural towns. Additionally, they will act to bridge urban and rural areas so that the rural towns can be rejuvenated. These experiences are expected to enable the volunteers to grow into global model citizens in the future.

All prospective applicants can apply on the official Beyond website ( from December 14 to 28. Foreign university students currently residing in Korea can also apply. The recruitment process is to be conducted without any direct contact, and more details can be found on the official Beyond website.

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