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2014 Paris Motor Show and POSCO #Last Episode: POSCO Participates in Malaysia’s ‘PROTON Technology Day’



As 2014 Paris Motor Show is still on the show, car fanatics around the world are continuing to devote their attentions to the automobile industry. For today’s last episode of our globalblog’s 2014 Paris Motor Show series, we would like to share another context of POSCO’s engagement in the automobile industry. Recently, POSCO participated in an automobile event in Malaysia. Let’s find out about POSCO’s activity in the event!

POSCO’s Participation in Malaysia’s ‘PROTON Technology Day’
Over the course of 2 days in Malaysia from September 27th to 28th, POSCO participated in the PROTON Technology Day for the first time in Southeast Asia. PROTON, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia renowned for its strong automobile manufacturing business in Southeast Asia, hosted this technological event and invited a number of world-famous technology giants, including Bosch and 3M, and over 25 other automobile-related electronic components manufacturers of the automobile industry. Despite the fact that POSCO was the only company invited globally from the steel industry, it was highly praised for its technological breakthroughs,  super strength steel such as PosM Steel or Aluminum Plated HPF, and a wide range of various automobile parts from the audience.

POSCO, the ‘Solution Provider’ powered by EVI Program and PROTON Automobiles
Through this opportunity, POSCO emphasized its competitiveness as the world-leading steel manufacturer and actively promoted itself as the ‘Solution Provider’ by introducing the EVI program that supports developments of new cars and relevant technologies for its clients. Regards to POSCO’s presentation at the PROTON Technology Day, PROTON’s CTO Mr. Rashid stated that, “I was deeply intrigued by POSCO’s effort to support technological breakthroughs in automobile industry through the EVI program and I hope we can build a stronger corporate relationship with POSCO concerning joint technological development for the new cars”.

At the PROTON Technology Day, board members of POSCO held a business meeting with the CEO Mr. Harith from PROTON to discuss how both parties could mutually enhance the corporate relationship. Furthermore, both corporates held an in-depth discussion session on the 26th to review potential technical exchange gathering programs for board members of the two companies to achieve joint technological development in more effective and efficient manner.

POSCO in Malaysia
POSCO saw a big potential in the local steel market for automobiles and appliances in Malaysia and has been aggressively investing in Malaysia for the past years. Accordingly, POSCO currently operates POSCO-Malaysia that manufactures electronic galvanized steel sheet, POSCO-MKPC that acts as a processing center for steel products, and POSCO-South Asia Kuala Lumpur Office in Malaysia.

To briefly introduce, POSCO-MKPC is a steel-processing center located in Selangor, Malaysia that operates 2 separate processing factories that account for processing 100 and 120 thousand tons of steel per year respectively; POSCO-Malaysia is responsible for operating manufacturing factory that produces approximately 18 thousand tons of steel products per annum. By operating these facilities, POSCO aims to expand supply and clients by providing high-quality steel products to the Malaysian market.

Though 2014 Paris Motor Show will be closing on the 19th this month, we hope all of our POSCO fans to maintain the interests in POSCO in the automobile industry. We will continue to post more content on POSCO’s technology in various fields of industries, so stay tuned for our next series!

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