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World Steel Association Chairman Jeong-woo Choi Hosts Regular Meeting Focusing on Enhanced Carbon Neutrality Technology Collaboration with Global Steel Leaders


Chaired the Executive Committee and member company meetings in Shanghai from October 15

Proposed joint carbon-neutral tech R&D, details to be finalized at December Innovation Conference

POSCO received the Sustainability award at the 2023 Steelie Awards

Chairman Jeong-woo Choi of the World Steel Association (worldsteel), led a regular meeting of the Association in Shanghai, China, starting on Oct. 15. He demonstrated global leadership by encouraging member companies in the steel industry to unite and work together to achieve carbon neutrality.

During the first day of the regular meeting on Oct. 15, Chairman Choi convened with top executives from global steel companies at the Executive Committee meeting of the World Steel Association. The agenda encompassed discussions on vital issues including advancements in self-driving vehicle body solutions, international trends in greenhouse gas emission measurement methodologies, and the global steel demand forecast.

Chairman Choi highlighted the importance of actively promoting the steel industry’s superior environmental sustainability compared to aluminum. He led discussions on various topics on advancing the sustainable steel sector, such as plans to expand the supply of green steel and the development of collaborative R&D programs for decarbonization technologies. Representatives of more than 150 steel companies and regional steel associations from around the world attended the meeting of on Oct. 16.

In his keynote speech at the general assembly following the member company meeting, Chairman Choi said that in order to achieve the grand goal of carbon neutrality, member companies must take a leap together with two wings, technology and policy, and identify common tasks among member companies through a joint R&D program on decarbonization technology and achieve overall goals.

Chairman Choi also said that we must all work together to ensure that the World Steel Association’s greenhouse gas emissions measurement standards become international standards. He added that operational plans for joint R&D programs will be discussed in detail at the Breakthrough Technology Conference scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for three days starting on December 5.

The Breakthrough Technology Conference expands on the Hydrogen Iron & Steel Making Forum and focuses on hydrogen-based steelmaking, Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), and other low-carbon innovations. It provides a platform for sharing advanced technologies and discussing sustainable growth.

POSCO is honored at the 2023 Steelie Awards, hosted by the World Steel Association, for its sustainability efforts. The company was recognized for its innovative greenhouse gas reduction technology in agriculture using silicate fertilizer, made from silica (SiO2), the main component of steel slag, which helps reduce methane emissions by inhibiting methane-producing bacteria in rice paddies.

Chairman Jeong-woo Choi, in his role as the chairman of the World Steel Association, addressed a joint conference with the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) and China Baowu Group on the morning of Oct. 15 at the Shanghai Expo Center. He gave a keynote speech on the theme of “The Future of Steel in the Carbon-Neutral Era” ahead of the World Steel Association’s regular meeting.

▲ Chairman Jeong-Woo Choi delivered a keynote speech at the General Assembly of the World Steel Association on October 16th.

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