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Steel Wonders of the World: POSCO Steel in Art


POSCO steel is used in more than just building construction. Its innovative design solutions strategies and its PosSD stainless steel meet the demands for construction materials, as well as art installations. POSCO is working with architects to show how steel sheets can be utilized as construction materials in various ways.

Steel Igloo

To explore the full potential of steel for construction materials, POSCO collaborated with architect Kim Chan Joong, CEO of The System Lab, to create the steel sculpture, “Steel Igloo.” Produced using POSCO’s world premium PosSD stainless steel, Steel Igloo will be on display at Seoul Kumho Museum, until December 13, 2015.

Steel Igloo is 3.5 meter tall, and was inspired by a forest scene.

Steel Igloo is a 3D structure made of 177 steel sheets. Light from inside the sculpture shines through uniquely punctured steel panels, recreating the ambience of light and shadows of the deep forest. Viewers can see their own reflection in the reflective panel surfaces, providing a unique visual experience.

POSCO played an active role in the manufacturing process, including the polishing, bending and reflective effect based on Kim Chan Joong’s blueprint. In building construction, steel is often used as a structural support; however, through this collaborative effort, Kim Chan Joong explored the possibility of using steel for both exterior and interior frames.


Left: After taking photographs of the forest, the designer mapped images on a steel panel surface. Right: Installation model


Posco_watermark_v2When the exhibition concludes, Steel Igloo will be transported to a forest in nearby Suwon. After reaching its final destination, the mirrored surface of the sculpture will reflect the natural light and imagery of the surrounding scenery. Steel Igloo will become an enchanting part of nature. 






POSCO Steel in Construction Design

Stone, wood and other building materials have been used for construction in many ways. The use of steel was previously limited due to its need for large scale construction machines.

Despite this, steel is proving to be more popular as its value continues to be recognized.

POSCO plans to continue its collaboration with Kim Chan Joong to develop interior and exterior steel materials for construction. The project is expected to be completed in 2016. Additionally, POSCO will develop its steel design construction based on this project.

By applying the concept of solutions marketing, which provides choices for materials selection, surface polishing, scission and welding, POSCO strives to expand the potential for steel in the market.


Production process from start: surface grinding and polishing treatments, cutting and perforating, bending and folding, assembly

CEO Kim Chan Joong expressed that he wanted to create a steel constructed sculpture that embodies the physical characteristics of steel, as well as steel’s wide range of application in machinery.

Concrete, brick and glass cannot produce the wide range of products, from micro to massive scale. Steel is one of a few materials that is able to do so, and the Steel Igloo project showcases that point. Based on insight from the production of Steel Igloo, POSCO will continue to explore the wide applications of steel. 


Design Solutions with POSCO Steel

Posco_watermark_v4Construction of the Best Western Hotel, located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is one of the most well-known collaborative projects completed by POSCO and Kim Chan Joong.

The Best Western Hotel, which includes five underground levels and 15 ground levels, recently passed reviews by the Architectural Committee. The building’s main feature includes exterior panels made from POSCO steel.

POSCO PosSD stainless steel can be used for many purposes, from art to building construction. The adoption of PosSD is expected to expand due to its ability to be used for many purposes. [Image: Building construction blueprint, set for completion in 2016]


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