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Russia’s ZPP Uses POSCO’s Solution Marketing to Acquire Quality Certification


On March 23, Zagorsky Pipe Plant (ZPP) was able to successfully acquire the needed quality certifications from Russia’s state-owned Gazprom by using POSCO’s Solution Marketing. Gazprom, a state-run gas corporation, and the world’s largest gas producer, owns 17% of the world’s natural gas reserves. It operates 17,100km of line pipes, requiring 1.5 million tons of API plates per year.

POSCO played a significant role in helping ZPP acquire the quality certification by supplying them with the API-X70 steel plate that is commonly used in API pipes. This certification shows that the products, management systems, and services are in line with the quality standards defined by the GAZPROMCERT system.

 ZPP executives take a picture in the lobby of POSCO HQ in Seoul

ZPP executives meet with POSCO on March 18 to conclude their marketing consultations. On March 23, Russia’s ZPP became certified by Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas company, with the help of POSCO’s Solution Marketing.

By working with ZPP’s quality design group, steelworks, and research institute, POSCO helped them successfully pass Gazprom’s quality certification procedures – one example of POSCO’s efforts to pursue shared growth with its customers.

The Gazprom certification has enabled POSCO to rebuild its sales infrastructure in Russia, a vast market that demands more than 2 million tons of API plates per year. POSCO aims to continue strengthening its presence in Russia with its advanced steel products and solution marketing services. With ZPP, in particular, this could come in the form of providing diagnostic support for their equipment and steel plates.


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