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POSCO POSPIA 3.0 Begins Operations


Integrated management including client orders, production, shipment, and settlement

Raising global competitiveness by standardizing work methods

POSCO launched ‘POSPIA 3.0’, POSCO Family’s unique future management system, on January 1st at POSCO Indonesia’s integrated steelworks.

POSPIA 3.0 is a ‘future integrated management system, globally optimizing 176 systems throughout the company, combining the abilities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which manages overall production, purchase, and sales data, as well as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which manages steel production activities, the Supply Chain Management system (SCM) for sales and production efficiency, and the Smart Workplace (SWP) which supports a working culture of creativity, cooperation, and communication among employees.

POSCO POSPIA 3.0 Begins Operations


Accordingly, by consolidating and standardizing the work method through purchasing, sales, marketing, planning, and finances, POSCO has affirmed differentiated global competiveness.

POSPIA 3.0 successfully underwent the process of design, development, testing, education, and training over two years and two months starting with the Big Picture stage in 2011, where the future blueprint was planned. During this period, 1,800 employees directly participated in the project, while all employees completed training to understand and experience the new work method.

The overall launch of POSPIA 3.0 will cover all company processes including client orders, input, production, shipment, and payment. Accordingly, on January 1st, the first day of operation, it was critical to convert the pre and post system connection tasks without error or stopping production.

A total of 540 employees including SCO employees from Seoul, Pohang, and Gwangyang as well as the POSCO ICT Pangyo Main Situation Room gave their full efforts around the clock on December 31st to launch POSPIA 3.0 on the first day of the new year. To be prepared for possible emergencies, production department team leaders of two steelworks cooperated with all employees at the launch, leading to great success.

POSCO plans to expand POSPIA 3.0 application to all POSCO family companies worldwide starting with its overseas steel subsidiaries. Through POSPIA 3.0, the company expects to innovate work method in an efficient manner, moving a step further along the path from strengthening steel core competitiveness to securing global competitive advantages over its competitors.

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