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POSCO TV [An Amusing and Lively Steel Talk between the Head of Pohang works and the Children of Employees]


“Who is this uncle?” The children were playing with POSEOKHO, and a mysterious man came to them?

Watch the YouTube video of the most heroic encounter between Head of Pohang works Lee Baek-hee

and the cute children of  POSCO Kindergarten this year on POSCO TV!

Here’s Pohang! The brothers Hanul and Hangyeol and sisters Jian and Lian are playing ball in a trance with POSEOKHO in Dongchon Kindergarten, where children’s dreams grow! While the children are deeply attracted to the charm of POSEOKHO, a mysterious man are approaching who introduces himself as someone who works with their dads… and is he the boss of the company where their dads work? His true identity is none other than Mr. Lee Baek-hee, the 23rd Head of Pohang works and a 36-year veteran of the company, known as the Steel Man!

The man gave the children a surprise mission to find five picture cards hidden around the kindergarten. If they found all of them, they would be rewarded with a fun story. The children, working together with POSEOKHO, successfully found all five cards that were hidden in every corner.

“The cards you found have a funny story hidden in them.” Almost imperceptibly, he assumed the persona of the affable MC Baek-hee and began recounting an engaging steel story as promised. The children gathered cards featuring tanks, cars, plates, bridges, and airplanes and discovered that they all had something in common: they were made of steel. “Looking around, everything seems to be made of steel, from chopsticks to air conditioners, and even our apartments where we live!”

When an airplane breaks down, it is melted down to make a car, which is melted down to make a plate, which is melted down to make cutlery… Steel, a treasure with a recycling rate of 85%, can be freely shaped when melted in hot fire. MC Baek-hee went a step further and gave the children a quiz on the process of how steel is made. Our proud future heroes are well-versed in POSCO’s hydrogen reduction iron and steel making technology, which makes steel from hydrogen instead of fossil fuels to reduce carbon dioxide, the bad air emitted when making steel!

When asked, “Who makes the steel we need for our lives, and who is taking the lead in Earth-friendly initiatives?”, the children confidently answer, “Our dads!” and a true Earth hero appears before the children with a dignified demeanor… Who is the surprising Earth hero? The first encounter of the amusing and lively future heroes with Head of Pohang works Lee Baek-hee, and the appearance of the current hero! Let’s watch the POSCO TV video titled “Who is this uncle? A hero came to see me?!” to witness the most heroic encounter of the year.

「A hero has come visit me」Watch YouTube video ↓

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