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POSCO 1% Foundation Launches New Project to Put Disability Artists on the Map


l POSCO 1% Foundation launches new project collaborating with disability artists with talent
l A total of 20 video contents to be posted on YouTube from June to October
l Popular YouTube influencers including Min-Kyung Kang, Eric Nam, Big Marvel, and Sanago are to participate in creating video contents

POSCO 1% Foundation (Chairman Jeong-Woo Choi) launched a new project called “CollaboArtion = Collaboration+Art”. It is expected to attract the public’s attention for disability artists.

POSCO 1% Foundation invited ten teams of disability artists with recommendations from the Korea Disabled Artist Association. Each team has produced two video contents- one collaboration video and one storytelling video to show their talents. A professional MCN (Multi-Channel Network) company “TreasureHunter” and 14 influencers in Korea have worked together through the entire process. These contents are to be released on YouTube channels of both POSCO and the influencers.

The project under the theme of “CollaboArtion = Collaboration+Art,” introduces the following ten teams of talented disability artists: Boo-Yeol Han (western-style painter, developmental disorder), Hun Lee (one-handed pianist, brain lesion disorder), Hwan Park (western-style painter, visual impairment), Sung-Jin Cho (one-handed magician, brain lesion disorder), Yong-Ho Heo (children’s book author, general paralysis), Moon-Jung Choi & Soo-Min Chae (wheelchair dancers, physical disability), A-Ra Ko (ballerina, auditory disorder), Yae-Na Choi (Pansori, visual impairment), Ji-Yeon Kim (rapper, auditory disorder), and Min-Ju Kim (web novel author, brain lesion disorder). To help in the popularization of these artists, 14 YouTube stars (Big Marvel, Sanago, and ASMR Suna) and singers (Min-Kyung Kang and Eric Nam) appear on the collaboration videos. In addition to the collaboration video, POSCO 1% Foundation is to deliver vivid storytelling videos of the disabled artists who have overcome obstacles and pursued their artistic values.

▲ Artist Boo-Yeol Han working on his drawing (Captured from YouTube video)

The first collaboration video featuring Boo-Yeol Han, the first Korean autistic live drawing artist, designer Hyeong-Cheol Jang, and YouTube star Korea Grandma Mak-Rye Park was posted on June 25. And Singer Eric Nam, a presenter in the storytelling video, said, “Through this project, I was able to know the works and stories of the many disability artists working in various fields. I became to truly respect the artists who focused on their works despite the challenges. I hope more people will pay more attention to such artists.”

The next video of Hun Lee, a left-hand pianist and singer Min-Kyung Kang will be posted in July. Pianist Hun Lee, who participated as the artist, said, “This project has motivated me as a disability artist and presented me with pride. I hope many other disability artists can be known to the public through POSCO 1% Foundation.”

Established in 2013, POSCO 1% Foundation has been implementing various support activities that focalize on supporting the future generation, the disabled, and multicultural families under the slogan, “1% Sharing for a Better World.”

※ Storytelling video of artist Boo-Yeol Han

▲ Boo-Yeol Han and designer Hyeong-Cheol Jang working in collaboration

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