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Never Seen Before! POSCO Awarded as ‘Top Company’ 8 Years In A Row!


On September 13th, POSCO was elected as Top Industry of 2012 for its success by SAM-Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (SAM-DJSI) for 8 years in a row. POSCO is the first and the only company to receive the award title for 8 years continuously. This result shows that POSCO has truly made themselves the leading global firm in sustainability management.

It sounds like an impressive achievement. But one may ask, “What is SAM-DJSI?” Offered cooperatively by SAM and S&P Dow Jones Indexes, SAM-DJSI is a global sustainability benchmark that provides indexes. The index looks at both financial and non-financial accomplishments of the firm, which thereby measures a company’s current economic achievements and future prospects as well.


In addition, SAM tracks the stock performance of the world’s leading companies—the top 2,500 firms chosen by Dow Jones—in terms of economic, environmental, and social criteria. Then, the result of top 10% of all firms from each industry classifications is announced. The result of this assessment is served as benchmarks for investors and provides an effective engagement platform for companies who want to adopt sustainable best practices.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

 For POSCO, it was a positive outcome, as our hard work so far perhaps deserves it. The results announced for 2012 SAM-DJSI review have selected four companies, out of total 40 evaluated subjects, as the top of steel industry category, where POSCO scored 74 points. Furthermore, POSCO scored the highest in the environmental area, being credited as an eco-friendly steel industry with green-growth as their base.

This was an important and notable accomplishment that showed POSCO’s international status. Today, POSCO has already established itself as an excellent example of propelling and expanding a sustainable growth and management amongst other international firms by World Steel Association.

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