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POSCO to Donate $500,000 to Indonesian Tsunami Relief Funds


ㅣ PT Krakatau POSCO dispatches emergency relief team to the worst-hit areas of the Indonesia tsunami disaster
ㅣ POSCO to donate a total of $500,000, along with local subsidiaries

POSCO Group is set to donate $500,000 as Indonesian tsunami relief fund.

On last December 22nd, the Anak Krakatau volcano eruption and landslides under the sea level in the Sunda Strait – located between Indonesian Java and Sumatra islands – triggered a tsunami along the coastline. To date, the disaster caused 426 deaths and displaced 40,000 people.

POSCO quickly jumped in to help alleviate the damages by donating a total of $500,000 to the Indonesian Red Cross. It includes $300,000 from POSCO, $100,000 from PT Krakatau POSCO (Joint Venture Company between Indonesia’s PT Krakatau Steel Tbk and POSCO Korea) and $50,000 from POSCO Daewoo and POSCO E & C.

Pandeglang and Anyar areas in Banten province are some of the worst-affected areas, located 40 to 120 km from the PT Krakatau POSCO office, where the company is helping dispatch emergency relief team to deliver aids to the victims.

This is not POSCO’s first contribution to the relief efforts in Indonesia. In August and October last year, the company donated $130,000 and $500,000 respectively to help the region recover from the aftermaths of the earthquakes. On September, POSCO also established ten housing units in the impoverished area in the vicinity of the PT Krakatau POSCO office.

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