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POSCO Takes a Significant Step Towards Realizing the Dream of Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking with the Inauguration of Its Development Center


Integration of research, operations, facilities, engineering, and construction professionals for the establishment of Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking test facilities

Completion of the test facility with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons slated for 2027

Expansion of dedicated organization for carbon-neutral strategy and electric furnace advancement… Commencing full-scale implementation of the 2050 carbon neutrality roadmap

POSCO has opened a Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking Development Center at Pohang Works and restructured its carbon-neutral organization.

The Development Center, which opened on January 26, plans to play a pivotal role in constructing test facilities for HyREX (Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking), a proprietary process developed by POSCO, encompassing all stages from technology research to facility construction and test operations.

The Development Center houses the HyREX Project Team, the Investment Planning and Engineering Office, which is responsible for managing investment projects, the Low Carbon Iron and Steel Making R&D Center, and POSCO E&C for design responsibilities. This integrated approach encompasses everything from technological research and equipment setup to test operations.

Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking technology, recently recognized for its strategic importance in national security and its impactful influence on the national economy, has been designated as a national strategic technology. POSCO’s Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking Development Center plans to complete a HyREX test facility with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons by 2027 and validate the commercial viability of HyREX technology.

Si-woo Lee, who attended the center’s inauguration, said, “Let’s strive to become the first mover in the new Iron Age by developing Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking technology, replacing carbon with hydrogen. I hope you will take on a new challenge as the first treasure of the new carbon-neutral economy*, successfully implementing HyREX technology based on our experience in commercializing FINEX fluidized bed technology and developing SNNC electric melting furnace technology.”

*Economic National Treasure: A tangible or intangible economic and industrial heritage that has made a decisive contribution to the development of the Korean economy. Pohang Steelworks’ Blast Furnace No.1 was designated Economic National Treasure No. 1 in 2011 for supplying materials to industries like shipbuilding, automotive, and home appliances, significantly enhancing national industrial competitiveness.

In addition, POSCO has upgraded its Carbon Neutral Strategy Sector to a departmental level and appointed Hee Kim, the first female engineering executive, as Head of Carbon Neutral Strategy Department.

Furthermore, to complete and operate the electric furnace planned for Gwangyang Works, POSCO is actively pursuing the implementation of its carbon-neutral roadmap through the expansion and restructuring of its Electric Arc and Smelting Furnace Project Team).

▲The Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking Development Center was inaugurated at Pohang Works on January 26.

▲On January 26, at the inauguration of POSCO’s Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking Development Center, attendees pose for a commemorative photo. (Front row from left) Woo-young Jeong, Head of Investment Planning and Engineering Office; Seoung-jun Kim, Head of Steel Production and Technology Strategy Office); Chul-moo Lee, Head of Plant Business at POSCO E&C; Si-youl Choun, Head of Pohang Works; Si-woo Lee, President; Jean-su Lee, Head of Steel Production & Technology Division); Ki-soo Kim, Head of Technical Research Laboratories); Hee Kim, Head of Carbon Neutral Strategy Department); and Jin-chan Bae, Head of HyREX Project Team.

▲The Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking Development Center.

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