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POSCO Named World Steel Association’s Sustainability Champion for Third Consecutive Year


Selected for the third consecutive year at the World Steel Association member meeting in London on April 9

Recognized for efforts to transition to a low-carbon system, including the introduction of electric arc furnaces and the operation of a sustainability management council

POSCO was selected as the Sustainability Champion for the third consecutive year at the semi-annual member meeting of the World Steel Association, which was held in London, UK, on April 9 (local time).

▲Logo of the World Steel Association Sustainability Champion.

The World Steel Association has been awarding the title of Sustainability Champion since 2018 to member companies leading the steel industry in carbon neutrality and ESG initiatives. This year, 11 companies achieved this distinction, with POSCO earning the honor three times in a row since its first award in 2022.

To be named a Sustainability Champion, companies must fulfill four critical criteria: signatory to the Sustainable Development Charter, finalist in the Steelie Awards or the Safety & Health Recognition, publication of a sustainability report, and submission of sustainability data including Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) emissions data for materials and processes. Companies that meet these requirements are recognized as exemplary leaders in global ESG management.

In addition to meeting all four conditions, POSCO was recognized for its low-carbon transition efforts, including the introduction of electric arc furnaces and investments in Hydrogen Reduction Ironmaking Technology (HyREX), as well as new initiatives such as the establishment of a group safety council and a supply chain management council. These achievements have solidified POSCO’s status as a Sustainability Champion for the third consecutive year.

Furthermore, POSCO has been ranked as the most competitive steelmaker in the world by World Steel Dynamics for 14 consecutive years and continues to spearhead the global steel industry’s transition to carbon neutrality with innovations like its proprietary HyREX technology and the application of low-carbon bridge technologies.

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