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POSCO P&S Contributes Talents to Walking Tourist Information Center ‘i-Seoul’

No More Maps, the Walking Tourist Information Center ‘i-Seoul’
Tourist Information Center is an essential existence to every tourists. In Seoul, Korea, there is a unique tourist information center that moves around. This ubiquitous tourist information center was created for the purpose of solving the inconvenience of searching for a nearby information center. 
Wearing a red t-shirt with a big sign on it, volunteers of the walking information center provide a wide array of information service from guiding nearby locations to recommending popular restaurants, shopping items, sightseeing spots and even solving personal inconveniences. Considering the fact that the majority of tourists comes from Korea’s neighboring countries, the information center’s volunteers are fluent in English, Japanese and Chinese. Since these tourist interpreters are dispersed all over Seoul, there is absolutely no need to worry about getting lost. How does Seoul, Korea sound for your next travel destination? 🙂
POSCO P&S Sharing the Warmth with i-Seoul, the Walking Tourist Information Center
A number of employees from POSCO P&S expressed their willingness to help foreigners visiting South Korea. They believe that “it is meaningful because it is not only a volunteer service to help foreign tourists but also a pleasant opportunity to practice their language skills”. Wholeheartedly accepting the request from its employees, POSCO P&S has been encouraging them to join the ‘i-Seoul’ volunteer group that was first started in December 2013. The positions were given upon passing of multi-round interviews and completing 4-hour education. Since January, each selected volunteers will scatter around the key attractions in Seoul to provide language and other services in need for 3 hours a day.
12(Pictured here: Taekhyun Kwon, participating in the i-Seoul volunteer service in Myeong-dong, Seoul)
Taekhyun Kwon from the HR Department, POSCO P&S stated that “I have been volunteering for the ‘i-Seoul’ on weekends and I was stunned by the fact that the number of foreigners visiting Seoul easily outnumbered what I have anticipated. Many of these tourists and visitors were in need of translation service and I was truly happy that I could offer a helping hand to those in need. The program was mutually beneficial in that I was able speak in different languages which would have been easily forgotten without opportunities like this. Furthermore, this opportunity was priceless for me because I was able to present Seoul in positive manner”.
POSCO P&S will continue to provide language service and other necessary guidance service under ‘i-Seoul’ until the end of the year, and will keep on encouraging its employees to share and donate their skills and talents. 


Seoul’s Key Attractions where i-Seoul is available 
Insa-dong is one of the best places in Seoul to enjoy Korean traditional charm and purchase traditional handcraft items. One of the famous spots in Insa-dong, Ssamziegil is a culture and shopping complex that houses over 70 shops that sell various traditional items of fashion, art, food and much more.
Located in the heart of Seoul, Myeong-dong is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is among Korea’s premier shopping destinations. While a number of shops for clothing or cosmetics like along the streets of Myeong-dong, visitors can also check out the Myeong-dong Cathedral and the nearby Namdaemun market.
Neighboring with Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdoekgung Palace and with Cheong Wa Dae (the President’s Office), Samcheong-dong is where tradition and modern artistic sensibilities meet. It is also famous for its Bukchon Hanok (Korean traditional houses) village and distinctive cafes and accessory shops.
Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil
Adorned with ginkgo trees, Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong is known for its splendid scenery of quaint stores and its unique bohemian atmosphere. Stretching less than a kilometer, this street is filled with open studios, ateliers, cafes, restaurants, bars and fashion shops all blended together as a chic cityscape. [/box]
Although ‘i-Seoul’ has been operating for more than a year now, not many tourists are aware of this excellent service. The talent donation of POSCO P&S employees has certainly encouraged more tourists and volunteers to participate in this service. As more employees of POSCO P&S and other talented volunteers participate in ‘i-Seoul’, we hope that more tourists visiting Seoul can enjoy their travel with further convenience!

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