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Meet the Experts: The Steel Wire’s Contributors of 2017


Throughout the past year, the Steel Wire collaborated with experts in various industries to create insightful and exclusive stories that expanded our understanding of steel and its applications. Take a look back at 2017 to reflect on our star contributors who helped lend their expert insights to the Steel Wire.

Marco Rosignoli – Bridge Building Expert

A floating crane lifts prefabricated deck sections onto the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Marco Rosignoli has more than 20 years of experience in bridge construction and design. (Source: San Francisco Public Press)

Marco Rosignoli is an expert in bridge design, construction, forensic engineering, consulting and education, with over 37 years of experience in 21 countries. Through a two-part series, Rosignoli gave readers an in-depth look into emerging megacities and their infrastructure needs. According to Rosignoli, efficient transportation is the key to an economically competitive city, and megacities will call for mega-sized bridges made of high-quality steel. Read on to find out more.

Part one: Ask an Expert: Building Bridges for Megacities

Part two: Ask an Expert: Building Bridges for Megacities – Part 2

Naim Josefi – Fashion Designer

Naim Josefi’s Steel Dresses

Naim Josefi is an innovative designer who mixes fashion and technology. (Source: Naim Josefi)

Naim Josefi runs a fashion company based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is widely known for winning Project Runway Sweden back in 2012. Josefi is a fashion designer who is blurring the boundaries between science and fashion as his projects include steel dresses, 3D printed shoes and laser-printed jeans. Find out why the designer chooses to work with steel and incorporate new technologies into his art.

Read on: Ask an Expert: Fashion Forward with Steel

Professor Bill Arnold – Oil Industry Expert

Bill Arnold is a professor in the practice of energy management at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business. Previously, Professor Arnold was Royal Dutch Shell’s Washington director of international government relations and senior counsel for the Middle East, Latin America and North Africa for 16 years.

LNG steel pipes

Bill Arnold is an Energy Management Professor at Rice University. (Source: Society of Petroleum Engineers)

Professor Arnold gave readers an insider’s analysis of the rapidly-changing oil industry marked by unpredictable oil prices. He says, in the midst of change, there are newly-developing business opportunities and alternative sources of fuel such as natural gas that will subsequently create more demand for high-quality steel.   

Find out more: Ask an Expert: The Role of Steel in a Changing Oil Industry

Park Jong-jae – Automotive Columnist

Park Jong-jae is a motorsports columnist and the former editor-in-chief at F1 Racing Korea. Back in May, Park contributed a two-part series on POSCO GIGA STEEL. In the first part, Park reinforced the need for lightweight materials in the auto industry and highlighted some of the most successful cases of POSCO GIGA STEEL application from POSCO’s partners including GM Korea and Ssangyong Motors.

2016 Chevy Cruze Body Structure.

2016 Chevy Cruze Body Structure with POSCO GIGA STEEL. (Source: World Auto Steel)

Read more: Ask an Expert: POSCO GIGA STEEL Opens Door to the Future of the Auto Industry

In part two, he took readers through the 6 different types of POSCO GIGA STEEL and how they can benefit different parts of a vehicle.

Two technicians work on a car.

There are 6 types of POSCO GIGA STEEL. (Source: Astro Awani)

Find more information: Ask an Expert: POSCO GIGA STEEL Goes Beyond the Limits of Traditional Lightweight Materials

Gil Bruvel – Steel Artist

Gil Bruvel’s stainless steel sculpture.

Gil Bruvel is a veteran artist who creates sculptures using stainless steel. (Source: Gil Bruvel)

Gil Bruvel is an artist who works with stainless steel to create beautifully crafted sculptures of the human form. For the past 40 years, Bruvel has dedicated himself to painting, drawing and sculpting. He worked on a series of stainless steel sculpture for his Flow Series that depict aspects of nature mixed with the human body. Check out his creations and learn more about why Bruvel chooses to work artistically with steel.

Take a look: Ask an Expert: Capturing the Fluidity of Life in Ribbons of Steel – An Interview with Gil Bruvel

POSCO’s Masters of Korea

Every year, POSCO names its Masters of Korea. These masters are employees who have become experts in their respective fields through years of hard work and dedication. All 3 Masters of 2017 contributed to POSCO by developing new technologies, coming up with groundbreaking ideas and finding solutions to make POSCO safer, more efficient and highly competitive in the global steel industry. Find out who they are and their journey to becoming the POSCO Masters of Korea.

Nam Tae-Gyu examines machinery at a POSCO steel mill.

Master Nam Tae-Gyu has 40 years of experience working for POSCO.

Master Nam Tae-Gyu: POSCO Masters: 40 Years in the Making

Suh Gwang-Il with colleagues.

Suh Gwang-Il examines machinery at a POSCO steel mill with colleagues.

Master Suh Gwang-Il: POSCO Masters: A Cold Rolling Expert

Kim Yong-Hoon with a colleague at a POSCO steel mill.

Master Kim Yong-Hoon played a key role in automating POSCO’s production systems.

Master Kim Yong-Hoon: POSCO Masters: Leading the Way Towards Automation

Thank you to the experts that helped make the Steel Wire shine like steel in 2017. In 2018, we look forward to even more opportunities to collaborate with even more experts to help provide you, our readers, a deeper understanding of steel and its applicability across industries.

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