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POSCO Partners with Geumgang to Develop Large Scale Water Reservoirs


POSCO co-develops stainless steel water tanks which will be used for large scale water reservoirs with Geumgang, a stainless steel water tank and water pipe manufacturer. POSCO signed an MOU with Geumgang on co-development and structure analysis of stainless steel water tanks for large scale water reservoirs on August 26 at KINTEX. Water reservoirs, a part of water supply facilities, adjusts water supplies according to the water usage at different time frames, supplying large amounts of water at peak times and small amounts at off-peak times.

The existing large scale water reservoirs are made of concrete, causing problems such as water leakage due to cracks and an unsanitary water supply environment. To overcome these challenges, the demand for the construction of water reservoirs made of stainless steel is increasing these days. Currently, however, the construction capacity for stainless steel water reservoirs is limited to 4,000 tons and therefore the technological development for the construction of large scale water reservoirs to accommodate an increased water supply is in need.

Partnering to Develop Large Scale Water Reservoirs

POSCO and Geumgang will cooperatively develop large scale water reservoirs which uses corrosion-resistant, high-strength duplex stainless steel. With this agreement, both parties agreed to draw structure analysis and design the plans of 20,000-ton scale water reservoirs, develop roof designs that can withstand earthquakes, wind and snow and perform a pilot project applying large volume water tanks, jointly. POSCO and Geumgang plan to complete the development of maximum 20,000-ton scale stainless steel water reservoirs by December this year, revise KS and expand the sales to local governments through the pilot projects. Meanwhile, POSCO expects to secure demands for 10,000 tons of stainless steel per annum with this partnership.

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