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POSCO Organizes Tech Day for Renault Samsung Motors


POSCO held POSCO Tech Day for Renault Samsung Motors at the Renault Samsung Technical Centre on September 21. The show gathered over 800 visitors in attendance, including employees of purchasing and R&D departments at Renault Samsung as well as other related employees of automobile parts manufacturers in Korea.

POSCO Organizes Tech Day for Renault Samsung Motors

POSCO held POSCO Tech Day for Renault Samsung on September 21. (From right) Renault Samsung Purchasing Division Executive Director Kapshik Hwang, POSCO Automotive Materials Marketing Managing Director Yangsu Yun and Renault Samsung Manufacturing Division Managing Director Juhyoung Baek listening to an overview about the performance of the SM6 joint development.

POSCO holds Tech Day to expand technical and commercial cooperation with its clients and to strengthen strategic partnerships. The company is planning to do this through enthusiastically promoting the excellence of world premium automotive steel products and the best practices of innovative solutions marketing.

POSCO and Renault Samsung are maximizing synergy between the two companies through active technical cooperation in automotive materials and collaboration in marketing as well. The SM6, released by Renault Samsung in 2016 and has since been well-received in the market, was created through four years of close technical cooperation. It featured Korea’s first mass production of high-strength steel for outer panels (260Y BH) and also the first TWB-HPF processing technology, thereby applying an ultra-high strength steel that is higher than 1.2GPa to 18.5% of the car body. This enabled the model to obtain a KNCAP Grade 1 and an ENCAP 5 Stars in a new car safety evaluation, ensuring excellent safety even with a lightweight car body. In March, POSCO and Renault Samsung also strengthened their win-win partnership with a joint promotion for the SM6 at the POSCO Center.

The Tech Day for Renault Samsung featured three concepts under the slogan “Innovation Partner, POSCO”: 1) innovative solutions, 2) win-win growth and 3) the POSCO experience. In particular, the show focused on vividly and effectively delivering the features and competitiveness of POSCO’s automotive materials.

Furthermore, by holding a technology seminar on the current status of POSCO’s advanced technology development and new weight reduction solutions, the show also provided a venue to discuss the future direction in these areas for new cars and strengthen the partnership between the two companies.

POSCO plans to secure its place as the world’s best automotive steel sheet supplier while reinforcing cooperation with domestic automakers by holding Tech Days for Ssangyong Motor Company and GM Korea.


TWB-HPF (Tailor Welded Blank-Hot Press Forming) is a converged technology combining TWB (tailor welded blank), which cuts steel sheets of different thicknesses and grades in desired shapes and welding them with a laser, and HPF (hot press forming), which adds high heat to the steel sheets and then rapidly cools it in order to increase grade intensity.


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