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POSCO Nominates Candidates for Outside and In-House Directors


Nominees will be officially appointed this coming March 14th at the general shareholders’ meeting.


POSCO held its board meeting on February 24th to announce the nominations for outside and in-house directors. On this day, Ilsup Kim, President of Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies (aSSIST), Wooyoung Sun, Executive Partner at law firm Seah, and Donghyun Ahn, Professor of Economics at Seoul National University, were named candidates for outside directors. In addition, Jinil Kim, President of POSCO CHEMTECH, Younghoon Lee, Senior Vice President of POSCO Engineering & Construction, and Executive Vice President Dongjoon Yoon, were named candidates for in-house directors.

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Outside director candidate, Ilsup Kim of aSSIST, has held previous roles including Vice President of Samil PwC, Vice Chancellor of Ewha Women’s University’s School of Business, and Chairman of Deloitte Korea. Executive Partner, Wooyoung Sun served at various posts including Chief Prosecutor at Uijeongbu and Cheongju district public prosecutor’s office as well as at Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office. Lastly, Professor Donghyun Ahn served as Assistant Professor at Korea University’s College of Business Administration, Associate Professor at University of North Carolina, and Financial Strategy officer at RBS.

In-house director nominee, POSCO CHEMTECH President Jinil Kim, joined POSCO in 1975 and has worked as General Superintendent at Pohang Works as well as the Head of Carbon Steel Business Division. From 2011, he transferred to POSCO CHEMTECH and is currently the CEO. Senior Vice President Younghoon Lee joined POSCO in 1985 and has served in many posts including Manager of the Finance Department and Head of the Corporate Strategy Department. He currently is the director of Business Planning at POSCO Engineering & Construction. Finally, Executive Vice President, Dongjoon Yoon joined POSCO in 1983 and has held various positions including Manager of the Business Innovation Department, Head of Global HR, and Director of Business Planning at POSCO Engineering & Construction. He returned to POSCO last year and is currently the Director for Business Strategy.

For the first time since the founding of POSCO, all nominated in-house directors have prior experience working at invested companies of POSCO. As such, it is anticipated that the newly elected board of directors will have more understanding and consideration of each other’s position. Candidate Ohjoon Kwon CEO has prior experience working at the Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology of POSCO and Senior Executive Vice President  Inhwan Chang recently returned from his role as CEO of POSCO P&S.

Following a qualification screening and process of eligibility by the Nomination Committee and current Board of Directors, these individuals were nominated as likely candidates to be appointed. They will be officially appointed this coming March 14th at the general shareholders’ meeting.

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