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POSCO Launches Multilingual Ethics Counseling Center & Reporting Center for Unethical Behavior


POSCO made its online ethics counseling and unethical behavior reporting services available in six languages on June 10.

POSCO Group employees as well as the general public can use the counseling and reporting services on POSCO’s website in English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Iranian and Chinese.

Since the services were previously only available in Korean, it was difficult for locally employed staff members in POSCO’s global workplaces to use. As interested parties such as global investors and business partners can now effectively utilize the services, participation in ethics counseling and unethical behavior reporting is expected to increase.

POSCO is quick to respond to inquiries regarding corporate ethics and ethical dilemmas received through the Ethics Counseling Center of its website. As for the reporting of unethical behavior, POSCO will work to first confirm the validity of the case in order to immediately investigate and take any appropriate actions.

You can access the multilingual service by visiting the Ethics Counseling Center or Reporting Center for Unethical Behavior pages of POSCO’s website and selecting your preferred language from the “Select another language” tab at the top right of the page.

POSCO will continue to strive to improve communication with major interested international parties, and be committed to compliance and preventing unethical acts through counseling and reporting.


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