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POSCO Launches Global Initiative for Smart Projects


In the recognition of future trend, POSCO has been providing the opportunity of smart education to local and residential employees of 14 global subsidiaries. Employees in POSCO Maharashtra in India and four subsidiaries in China have already received basic smart education. Another 10 sessions is planning in other countries as well by June such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico.

This education initiative was planned in order to help better understanding of POSCO’s advanced smart factory, widening perspective by sharing case studies and improving data-based problem-solving capabilities by smart projects.

POSCO starts educating smart system

From April, POSCO is providing basic smart education to the employees of its overseas production subsidiaries.

Participants learn about the essential information of smart factory such as PosFrame, the basics of IoT, big data and AI technology, R programming (data analysis) exercises, case studies of big data and AI projects. Duration of the training session was 1.5 days long teaching the method of proposition and delivering smart projects.

Through the program, POSCO expects that the participants will acquire adequate opportunity to enhance fundamental understanding of smart technologies and improve the problem solving ability based on data.

global education in India

Local employees are receiving basic smart education at POSCO Maharashtra in India.

This education program can bring general understanding of how to generate a big data project on a pilot basis. POSCO is also planning to four projects in 2018 where production subsidiaries can exchange technological ideas.

The smart factory task force is opened to hear wide range of recommendable proposal from trainees to even customers. POSCO will carefully evaluate the proposal and suggest appropriate projects to subsidiaries.

From July, smart factory task force will provide higher education for project leader in Korea to strengthen data analysis abilities and to establish the direction of problem-solving for each project. This program will be continuously provided to support the projects effectively from selection to finish the project.

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