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POSCO-INDIA Introduces PosMAC, Accelerating Solutions Marketing and WP Product Sales


In collaboration with POSCO India Delhi Processing Center (POSCO-IDPC), POSCO-INDIA has kick-started the expansion plan of POSCO’s World Premium (WP) products by introducing PosMAC (POSCO Magnesium Aluminum Coating) in the Indian market.

With an aim to strengthen POSCO’s solutions marketing and World Premium products in India, POSCO-INDIA (President, Mr. Gee-Woong Sung) will take the role as the regional representative of POSCO. Responsible for the marketing of PosMAC, it has already entered into sales agreements with a few Indian clients.

The Future of PosMAC in India

In the past few months, POSCO-INDIA has secured the supply order for 300 tons of PosMAC, and the first consignment will arrive by December. A huge jump in the sales volume is expected in 2016. Together with POSCO-IDPC, POSCO-INDIA’s target is to promote and introduce PosMAC to its existing Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and Independent Power Producer (IPP) clients. It will also gradually increase the sales volume in India by partnering with other big players in industries ranging from general engineering, automobile and home appliances. The solar power industry is also one of the main focuses for PosMAC in India. In January 2016, POSCO-INDIA is planning to organize a PosMAC technical seminar for potential local clients, with assistance from POSCO HQ and other family companies within India.

At present, two rooftop solar panel structures using PosMAC steel, with 75000 Kwh annual capacity, is being installed at the POSCO-IDPC plant in Bawal. It is considered to be the pilot project for introducing PosMAC in India, intended to showcase these solar units to potential PosMAC clients. The completion target is February 2016 and upon completion, both units will cover the power requirements of the administration and canteen building at IDPC plant.

POSCO-INDIA believes that PosMAC can become popularized for use in the solar panel market in India. Because it is less expensive than other corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, PosMAC steel is highly sought-after for its strength, durability and affordability, which is a key deciding factor for the price-sensitive market. Additionally, PosMAC steel will significantly lower costs by eliminating the need for frequent replacement.

The Benefits of PosMAC Steel

It is well known that steel is essential to modern life and to a future of sustainable development. Nevertheless, it is susceptible to inevitable obstacles. Steel corrodes when exposed to certain conditions. As the industrialized world looks into ways to prevent corrosion, POSCO’s unwavering focus on R&D of steel material products resulted in PosMAC. It is a ternary alloy coated steel with high corrosion resistance developed using POSCO’s own technology and is five to ten times more resistant than normal hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (GI, HGI) of the same coating weight. This means it can replace normal thick plating products.

A tropical country surrounded by ocean on three sides, India has varied climatic conditions, exposing steel structures to environmental corrosion. PosMAC is an appropriate solution to such situations, as it guarantees more durability and resistance to rust and corrosion than existing versions of steel. In 2014, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, set a target of 100 GW of solar generation capacity by 2022, nearly a 33-fold increase from the current capacity. This announcement generated the interest of many private companies in India’s solar power sector. POSCO-INDIA expects to offer PosMAC as a durable solution to corrosion resistance in India.

POSCO-INDIA is committed to enhancing competitiveness for its customers by offering technology, business know-how, marketing support and other assistance to its clients. PosMAC will take the lead in a new era of innovative, premium products developed by POSCO.


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