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POSCO Hosts 2015 Automobile Solution Seminar


POSCO held the 2015 POSCO Automobile Solution Seminar December 10 at the Global R&D Center in Songdo, Incheon. Over 250 parties from automotive parts makers, universities, R&D institutions and finished carmakers including GM Korea, Ssangyong Motors and Renault Samsung Motors attended the seminar.

POSCO Automobile Solution Seminar has been held every year since 2005 as a channel to introduce results and used technologies of R&D projects conducted by POSCO and World Auto Steel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association.

POSCO changed the name of the seminar to the “POSCO Automobile Solution Seminar” this year, along with expanded the scales and focused on promoting POSCO’s latest technologies for automobile solutions.


POSCO hosts the 2015 POSCO Automobile Solution Seminar, December 10 at the Global R&D Center in Songdo, Incheon

During the seminar, POSCO presented its R&D results for 2015, including the development progress of automotive steel such as advanced high strength sheet steel (AHSS) and the technological trends for lightweight car body. They also promoted the importance of joint growth and cooperation with customers, R&D institutions and universities, introducing POSCO’s solution marketing.

On special display were two torn down vehicles, showing the detailed analysis of interior components and attracting the audience’s attention. The audience took a look into the two torn down models, a small Peugeot SUV and a Dodge pickup truck, to understand the latest design trends and materials for vehicles.


Two torn down vehicles were displayed for detailed analysis of interior components and materials of the vehicles

Representatives said, “The seminar was very useful to learn in-depth technical knowledge of high strength sheet steel solutions. It will be a big help in automobile design and components processing in the future.”

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