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POSCO Group Companies Across the Globe Celebrate ‘Global Good Citizen Week’


l All POSCO business sites around the world realize the corporate philosophy, “Corporate Citizenship’ from June 19 to 27
l While complying with the government’s COVID-19 policy, POSCO employees carry out volunteer activities under the theme of “Cheer Up My Town, Remember Our Heroes.”

POSCO (CEO Jeong-Woo Choi) launched the 2020 POSCO Global Good Citizen Week under the theme of “Cheer Up My Town, Remember Our Heroes.” This year’s activities initiated to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Korean War and also to revitalize the local economy affected by the COVID-19 issue.

For the Global Good Citizen Week, POSCO employees from all around the world participated in a week-long community service event and donated their skills and talent The event aims to resolve social issues prevalent in local communities and contribute to their development.

Since 2010, POSCO has been holding Global Volunteer Week as an annual event. From this year, it has been renamed as POSCO Global Good Citizen Week, and numerous activities have been carried out in line with POSCO’s management philosophy, “Corporate Citizenship.” Through the week-long social contribution event, POSCO hopes to actively participate in resolving social issues that the global community faces today.

The 2020 POSCO Global Good Citizen Week was held for nine days from June 19 to 27. All volunteers donated their talent and skills while abiding by the COVID-19 related government policies and conducted various untact activities.

POSCO carried out campaigns to revitalize local economies, that are suffering due to the COVID-19 issue, focusing on Pohang, Gwangyang, and Incheon — the business sites of POSCO Group. Volunteers visited rural areas of each district and conducted quarantine activities and other volunteer activities, including mural projects and maintenance of agricultural machinery, for local residents. The company plans to operate COVID-19 prevention education and markets to support commodities that are much needed in countries like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam that are affected by the pandemic.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, and POSCO held various activities to express its gratitude to the veterans for their sublime sacrifice and dedication. Beautification activities were carried out at the memorial hall for veterans in Pohang. In Thailand, POSCO subsidiaries conducted tree-planting and clean up projects at the memorial site for Thai veterans who had participated in the Korean War, along with donating a TV for video-watching purposes.

POSCO will cooperate with the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and provide residential environment improvement for 40 Korean War veteran families living in Pohang and Gwangyang. POSCO Talent Volunteers will participate in the project, and starting with four families on June 20, the house repair project is to be completed by October.

The partnership with SK company added to the significance of this year’s event. SK and POSCO have been cooperating to resolve social issues, and SK Chairman Tae-Won Chey had given a special lecture regarding the social contribution of the SK Group at the POSCO Corporate Citizenship Achievement Report in December last year.

On June 25, POSCO signed an agreement with SK to participate in the Happy Alliance project — a project that provides lunch boxes to children — and promote the welfare of children in blind spots. The employees of both companies participated in making and delivering lunch bags to 70 low-income and senior families in Seoul.

▲ Gwangyang Works employees working on a mural project on June 20

▲ Pohang Works employees carrying out beautification activities in the memorial hall for veterans in Pohang on June 19

▲ POSCO subsidiaries in Thailand: Tree-planting and clean-up activities at Korean War veterans memorial site

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