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POSCO Announces First Quarter Earnings During IR Conference Call


KRW 12.46 trillion in revenue, KRW 659.8 billion in operating profit, and 352.5 billion in net income  during the term (in consolidated basis)

On April 21, POSCO held an Investor Relations (IR) conference call to announce improved operating performance of its first quarter.

Although POSCO recorded KRW 12.46 trillion in revenue in the first quarter on a consolidated basis, which is a slight decrease from the previous quarter, it recorded KRW 659.8 billion in operating profit, KRW 319.3 billion up from the previous quarter, and KRW 352.5 billion in net income during the term,  KRW 243 billion up from the previous quarter. The company also accounted for 5.3% in operating profit margin, which is 2.9%p up from the previous quarter.


Operating profit increased due to improvement in sales performance in steel and trading 

These positive results can be attributed to increased performance in the steel and trading divisions, being operated by POSCO Daewoo and POSCO-China, even though the construction division showed a decrease in sales and profits. Overseas steel corporations exhibited remarkable improvement in sales performance, as Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel (ZPSS) and POSCO-Mexico realized profits, and the operating deficits of PT. KRAKATAU POSCO and POSCO SS-VINA are beginning to be reduced.


KRW 582.1 billion in operating profit, 10.1% in operating profit margin (in paraent basis) 

On a parent basis, POSCO recorded KRW 5.767 trillion in revenue, KRW 582.1 billion in operating profit and KRW 445.9 billion in net income during the term. Although revenue has slightly decreased, the company recorded KRW 210.9 billion in operating profit and KRW 184.1 billion in net income during the term, which is an increase from the previous quarter. This is driven by the sales increase of World Premium (WP) products, POSCO’s proprietary high-value products, along with the improvement of market conditions due to the price increase of carbon steel products and restructuring of Chinese steel companies.

POSCO recorded 3.682 million tons in sales volume of WP products, which amounts to an increase of 255,000 tons from the previous quarter. Among total product sales, the sales of WP products accounted for 44.5%, which is an increase of 4.8%p from the previous quarter.

Also POSCO recorded 10.1% in operating profit margin which is an increase of 3.9%p from the previous quarter.


POSCO forecasts to improve the financial structure of KRW 4 trillion within this year by accelerating the restructuring of subsidiary companies

POSCO realized continuous improvement of its financial structure. On a consolidated basis, it recorded 77% in debt-to-equity ratio, which is a decrease of 1.4%p from the previous quarter, while registering 19.2% on a parent basis, which is 0.1%p down from the previous quarter.

In particular, on a parent basis, the company recorded -356.3 billion in net debt in the first quarter from 341.3 billion in the  previous quarter as total cash and cash equivalents have increased more than debt. This is the result of improving the company’s overall financial structure that it has strived for over the last two years.

POSCO completed 6 subsidiary restructuring cases in the first quarter, which have been carried out since the announcement of the management reform plan in July of last year. The company sold Genesis, a subsidiary in the power generation sector, and finalized liquidation of POSCO-RUS, while completing the merger of POSCO Green Gas Technology. It is expected that the improvement effect will reach to approximately KRW 4 trillion through the restructuring of subsidiary companies.

Meanwhile, POSCO announced its sales goal of KRW 58.7 trillion on a consolidated basis, and 37.2 million tons for the production of crude steel and 35.3 million tons for product sales. The company also estimated that its investment costs amounted to KRW 2.8 trillion, which is KRW 300 billion up from last year, and net debt was KRW 14.6 trillion, which is KRW 1.9 trillion down from last year.


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