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CEO Ohjoon Kwon Receives “Korea Best Scientist Award”


POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon has been selected as the winner of the “2016 Korea Best Scientist Award,” by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). The award ceremony was held at COEX, Seoul, on July 13.

The Korea Best Scientist Award, which was established by the MSIP and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies in 2003, is given to scientists and engineers who have contributed to the advancement of the country and improvement of national welfare through their world-level achievements in research and development, and innovations in technology.

CEO Ohjoon Kwon Receives “Korea Best Scientist Award”

On July 13, POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon received the 2016 Korea Best Scientist Award from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). From left, Nam-ki Hong, 1st Vice-Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, CEO Kwon and his wife take a commemorative photograph at the award ceremony.


CEO Kwon was credited with improving Korea’s steel technology to one of the highest levels in the world

By introducing high value-added products and commercializing POSCO’s steelmaking technologies at home and abroad, Kwon received the award as recognition for spearheading these projects and establishing Korea as a major player in the global steel industry.

He led the development of new steel products (14 cases), manufacturing technologies (36 cases) and product quality forecasting models (11 cases). Additionally, he furthered research to secure advanced cutting-edge materials, such as the development of automotive high-strength steel.

CEO Kwon has also contributed to the development of domestic-related industries by providing a complete customer-oriented solution that includes assisting with product application technology, financial support and a personalized human solution.

He was highly recognized for providing POSCO with a competitive identity in the global market by leading the development of World Premium (WP) products and its own innovative technologies. He was also recognized for strengthening the foundation for overseas exports of its technologies, and for developing core technologies in new business areas, aiding in the development of future growth industries.


The entirety of the prize money is to be divided and donated, with 100 million won going to POSTECH, the Korea Engineering Academy and Seoul National University, each.

“I’m very pleased to receive Korea’s top science and engineering award as a representative of the steel industry, the traditional smokestack industry. I will strive to continuously improve the competitiveness of the steel industry that POSCO has been focusing on, and also enhance the selling performance of materials and energy sectors,” said CEO Kwon at the award ceremony.

“In order to revitalize the creative economy and help create more jobs, I’d like to donate the prize money, with 100 million won each going to POSTECH and the Korea Engineering Academy, where I am chairman, and my old school, Seoul National University,” he added.

Another recipient of this award is Professor Taek-hwan Hyeon of Seoul National University. He has contributed widely to the field of nanomaterials, establishing the world’s first method for large-scale synthesis of uniform nanoparticles. In 2008, He received the POSCO TJ Park Science prize from the POSCO TJ Park foundation for his contribution to the commercialization of nanotechnology.


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