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CEO Ohjoon Kwon Holds First International Investors Meeting in New York



On February 9th, POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon hosted an Investor Relations (IR) meeting in New York, United States. This meeting was the very first international IR conference held overseas ever since his inauguration. “By following POSCO’s 3-year intermediate management plan, we will ensure internal stability,” CEO Kwon said at the POSCO’s international IR conference, held in Four Seasons Hotel in New York. Also, he added, “We will do our best to return all shareholders’ trust and support”.

Upon the completion of the IR meeting, CEO Kwon rang the Closing Bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to notify that markets have been closed. The NYSE offered an opportunity for CEO Kwon to ring the NYSE Closing Bell to celebrate the 20th anniversary of POSCO’s listing.


In October 14th 1994, POSCO became the first-ever Korean company to list on the NYSE and the second steel company to be listed after UK’s British Steel. As the company successfully fulfilled NYSE’s strict listing requirements such as shareholder distribution, accounting, and management capability at the time, POSCO has established a reputation as a major global company. Upon POSCO’s NYSE listing, other Korean companies started to deviate from domestic stock market and reached out to secure funds from international market; Domestic companies such as Korea Electric Power Corporation, LG, SK and more followed to be listed on the NYSE.

Continuing from its NYSE listing, POSCO was listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) on October 27th, 1995 and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 22nd, 2005. The company now stands as the one and only Korean company that has been listed on the global top 3 stock markets.


Meanwhile, POSCO announced its 2014 consolidated revenue and operating profit as KRW 65.984 trillion and 3.2135 trillion respectively. Moreover, POSCO has proposed KRW 67.4 trillion in consolidated revenue and 29.3 trillion in independent revenue as performance objectives in 2015.

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