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My Experience at POSCO Beyond Project in Vietnam


Continuing from the previous post on POSCO Vietnam’s Beyond Project, we would like to share the experience of one of the participants of the project. Below is a direct writing from the participant who is currently a student at Vietnam National University’.



Every beginning has an end, but every ending in life is the beginning of other new things. The nearly one week of building trip with other Korean Beyond volunteers has just passed like a dream with full of memories, leaving unforgettable impressions on me, a Vietnamese student.

My name is Pham Thi Tuyet Trinh. I am currently a senior student at University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City. I have always been thankful and blessed to have opportunities taking part in the charity programs organized by POSCO Beyond Korea, POSCO Vietnam and Habitat for Humanity of Vietnam. This year marked the third time, and perhaps the last time I could join these meaningful activities. However, every Beyond generation brought new experience, and new feelings to me.

Team 6 and our home partner: Ms. Anh with her family
It was my happiness to participate in this meaningful trip on which we gave a hand to people who are in need. The building included so many steps, and it was the first time I have laid the bricks to build walls ever. It was both fun and tired working there. Although we could not finish all things by ourselves, we did do our best in every single step with the help of specialists. That was because we knew that, it was our sacred responsibilities of being the members of an international organization whose vision is “A world where everyone has a decent place to live”.

This journey also brought to me invaluable experience that I will never forget. It was great to meet and become friends with so many good Korean people. I could expand social networks, enhance knowledge, and worked with other ones who have the same objective and the same aim which is to help disadvantaged people, hoping that they will soon get a better house, live a better life. During one week, I and other ten Korean students did eat, play and work together as a small family. Although we almost come from different parts of the world, we are all under the team number 6, the smiley team. We shared happy moments, and even sad ones with others. Seeing Korean friends enjoying their time in Vietnam, I felt really happy. I did do my best to bring us closer, overcoming all the obstacles, cultural and language barriers.

Thanks to Heesung, a Korean friend who is good at English, I could make conversations with all the members. My Korean level was just basic, but I tried to use them as much as possible, hoping they could understand me without the need of translation from Heesung. I love the Korean language, and I realize from now on, I have to study a lot to improve my level. Besides, I also knew Korean people highly respect punctuality, seriousness, and especially nationalism. We were really surprised at their traditional performances during the cultural exchange, which made us love our cultural identities more.

Time did fly fast like a narrow. At the time we had to say goodbye, I had so many different feelings: a little bit happy because the trip had finally gone to the end successfully, but sad a lot because I did not know exactly when we could meet again. Ms. Anh told me that if we had chance visiting her family someday, they would welcome all of us warmly. Seeing her crying, we cried, too. Our team’s members always asked me whether I loved them and their beloved country, and when I would go to Korea. They clearly and repeatedly told me that when I came there, let contact them and they would lead me around to visit so many beautiful places, inviting me delicious food for sure. I tried to prevent myself from crying, but it was really, really hard. They did tear me out…Saying goodbye has always been the toughest moment ever.

Now I return to my daily life with full of work and assignments. However, it is hard, really hard to focus on doing thing, because I always think about my old time with these friendly volunteers. It takes time to continue a new journey, but we have to keep strong and be ready as soon as possible…

Studying abroad in Korea has always been my dream. I will do my best to make it come true, to meet my beloved friends again. I hope that in the future, such meaningful activities will be always developed so that more and more students can have a chance contributing positively to the community and the friendship between Vietnam and Korea will be nourished. If I get one more opportunity, I will take part in this project again, definitely.

Ho Chi Mi nh City, 8 February 2015

Pham Thi Tuyet Trinh [/box]



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