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Bulletproof Summer Vacation Ideas for the World’s Most Beautiful Architecture…made of Steel


Need ideas for a vacation this summer? What about visiting some of the world’s most beautiful and famous architecture which are made of… steel?  Steel is generally perceived as tough and stoic, but actually, it has been an essential component used to create some of the world’s most stunning buildings.

Here are POSCO’s top picks for you to visit.


1)      Eiffel Tower in ParisParis

 Image Source: flickr


How about a trip to the romantic city of lights to see the Eiffel Tower? At 324 meters, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest architectural structure in 1930 until the Chrysler building was completed. The full metal structure of the Eiffel Tower weighs about 8,000 tons and including non-metal materials, weighs 10,000 tons. While the Eiffel Tower today is emblematic of the ‘city of love’, this was not always the case. When it was first built, media was filled with criticism about the metal appearance that seemed to ruin the city. Famous author, Maupaussant famously said, “I eat lunch in the restaurant within the Eiffel Tower since it is the only place within the city where you don’t have to see the steel object.” Oh, how things have changed!



2)      Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Image source: flickr


If Paris has its Eiffel Tower, San Francisco in the U.S. has its Golden Gate Bridge, the longest bridge in the world until 1959.  The 2,879m long bridge was built in 1937 to connect San Francisco with Marine Country in the north and it takes 3 minutes by car and 1 hour if you walk! At the time, many doubted that a structure as long as 2,879m could be constructed while withstanding the wind, fog and fast waters. However, the impossible was possible and the Golden Gate Bridge is symbolic of San Francisco and the entire State today. The official architect for this bridge was Joseph Strauss and the base structure was created using iron, steel truss structure and steel cables. At the time of construction, the Navy requested that the bridge be built in such a way that ships could pass through below. Therefore a 66m high arch was created and to this day, there is no ship that cannot pass under.

Who would like to cross this bridge in this summer? 😛



3)      Burj in Dubai

An aerial view of Burj Dubai is seen in Dubai

Image source: flickr


How about a trip to Dubai to see the world’s tallest man-made structure? A collection of all modern day innovations and tricks, the Burj in Dubai is truly a feast for the eyes. At 828m high with 162 floors, it is currently the world’s tallest skyscraper. In addition to its record height, the building itself was constructed beautifully. What is the secret behind this innovative, stunning architecture? The advanced architectural design was made possible due to the TMCP (thermo-mechanical control process) steel that has greater strength and durability, as well as, improved weldability. It is also efficient in that TMCP steels reduce construction time compared to concrete structures and also requires less manpower which helps reduce costs.


Who knew that all these world famous sights were made of steel? These places are definitely worth a trip during this summer or during your lifetime. Share your favorite architectural wonder with us!

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