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Welcome to POSCO Steel Park


POSCO’s integrated steelworks — it’s a vast industrial rice field where light never goes out.
*Steel is known as the ‘rice’ of the whole industry in Korea where rice is the main diet.

In terms of size, POSCO’s Gwangyang and Pohang integrated steelworks rank No.1 and No.2, respectively. The excellent facilities and operational practice at POSCO steelworks are spearheading innovations for the global steel industry.

Scroll down to take a look at POSCO’s integrated steelworks, the backbone of Korea’s manufacturing industry.

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l POSCO STEEL PARK, Steelmaking at a Glance

(1) What Goes on at the Park… Is Not a Drill!
POSCO Steel Park is more than just an elaborate illustration. From raw materials import, ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting, to rolling, it’s as real as it gets. Each detail of the POSCO Steel Park is based on the facts relating to the company’s steelmaking process. The POSCO Steel Park illustration is organized in a way that it spotlights the entire integrated steelmaking process.

(2) Clean and Smart: POSCO Steelworks Has It All
The clean POSCO Steelworks is achieved through various measures: the silo, a closed raw materials storage facility; power plants and sewage treatment systems that reuse steelmaking by-products such as gases and industrial water; environment monitoring facilities that oversee air quality at steel mills 24/7. With the green space ratio of POSCO’s steelworks at 20%, the company’s endeavor to keep the space green is ongoing.

As for the ‘smart’ part of the steelworks, the POSCO Steel Park features ‘Smart Data Center’ that collects and stores big data obtained from the factories in real-time. It also highlights the AI blast furnace, the Lighthouse Factory that shines the light for the future of the world’s manufacturing industry. Also found on the illustration is the FINEX, one of the steel industry’s leading technological innovations.

(3) Our Neighbors, Our Family at POSCO Steel Park
Steelworks so much more than the sum of all steel products produced there, which in itself is already enormous. It’s also the place brimmed with the sweat and dedication of POSCO family — its employees and partners. Despite the challenges of describing all facets of steelworks, POSCO Steel Park captures the essence of the intimate inner lives of steelworks — a place of people, beyond products.

l POSCO Steel Park Can Be Used…

(1) As a Guidebook for the Steel Industry Stakeholders
Thinking of a career in the steel industry? Or already an industry insider? Take a look at the POSCO Steel Park which contains all the detailed descriptions of complex integrated steelmaking processes.

(2) As a Helpful Educational Resource
From Korea’s industry development to the iron oxidation, lots of details related to the steel industry are discussed in the school textbook — the POSCO Steel Park also addresses some of those details. Educators are welcomed to implement the POSCO Steel Park as well as the Summer School Series (Korean), both of which are available at POSCO Newsroom.

(3) A ‘Live Broadcast’ Channel for All POSCO Communities and Neighbors
The community members surrounding the POSCO Steelworks can take a look at the POSCO Steel Park and figure out the operations at every corner of POSCO Steelworks — perhaps it can be an opportunity to renew appreciation and to encourage those dedicated to producing Korea’s industrial rice day and night.

POSCO welcomes any suggestions from our communities! If there’s anything POSCO and the steel industry can be doing more, please let us know.

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