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Steel Safety Day: Moving Machinery


The World Steel Association endeavors to create an “injury-free, illness-free and healthy workplace with zero incidents.” As part of its efforts to meet this goal, the association issues informative materials that explain the workplace risks and how to mitigate them. The organization has created an interesting infographic about health and safety in the steel industry, which outlines one of the five major causes of injury and how to reduce the number of incidents.

A previous article from last month that promoted the second annual Steel Safety Day outlined the five major causes of injury, which are: Moving Machinery, Falling from Heights, Falling Objects, Gas and Asphyxiation and Overhead Cranes. Each year, Steel Safety Day will focus on one of the five major causes. This year’s Steel Safety Day, which takes place on April 28, 2015, will focus on Moving Machinery.

steel safety dayTo download the infographic, click here.

The infographic above lists the five key areas of Moving Machinery, which are training & competency, safe access, guarding & signage, isolation & immobilization, and roles & responsibility. The infographic is meant to give workers a better understanding of the risks and to prevent or reduce any injuries. Similarly, the video below goes into detail about these areas, and suggests a few tips on how to avoid accidents.

It is now our turn to be aware of these practices and apply them in daily life! And remember we learned about only first cause, there will be articles about other causes in the future, so please stay tuned!  

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