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PosMAC, the First Domestic Product to Earn Environmental Product Declaration Certificate


ㅣUL(Underwriters Laboratories)’s EPD certification acquired
ㅣExpected to boost sales in the worldwide solar energy and construction materials market

POSCO’s globally acclaimed ‘corrosion-resistant steel’, PosMAC acquired first domestic EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification from US’s global safety and quality certification company, UL(Underwriters’ Laboratories) Environment.

Environmental Product Declaration is a standardized certification system of quantifying the environmental impact of products or services. This certification authority transparently evaluates the overall production process of all products from the extraction of raw materials, supply, production, use, and disposal. The certification standard complies with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), thus fundamental to earn in entering the global market.

US’s UL(Underwriters’ Laboratories) is the parent organization of the certification authority, UL Environment. UL was first established in 1894 as US’s first safety standardization and authorization company, performing public authorization of not only steel products but a varied range of products such as electronics and information communications, medical, and renewable energy materials. The UL Environment’s EPD certificate has been acknowledged in the global market for drawing credibility.

The EPD-certified PosMAC is a new generation steel developed by POSCO’s unique technology that drastically improved the corrosion-resistant capabilities. PosMAC’s corrosion-resistant capability is more than five times that of previous galvanized steel plate. This is achieved by an oxidized layer called ‘Simonkolleite’, which is composed of zinc, magnesium, and aluminum that protects the surface from corrosion with a long-lasting effect while covering the cutting plate enhancing its resistance to corrosion.

Its superior resistance to corrosion as opposed to previous galvanized steel plate minimizes reconstruction from corrosion through providing long-lasting protection from severe environment such as chlorine, alkaline, high temperatures and humidity. This relatively decreases fuel, raw material, greenhouse gases, and other pollution-generating emissions from the manufacturing of additional steel required for reconstruction. All the reasons why PosMAC is highly competitive as an eco-friendly material. (Ask an Expert: Maximizing Sustainability and Minimizing Environmental Impact)

PosMAC applied in Alamo solar power plant in San Antonio, US

These leading qualities of PosMAC gaining worldwide recognition in the solar energy market granted a supply agreement with NEXTracker, the world’s lead solar tracking system manufacturer. Solar energy structures require highly corrosion-resistant materials due to its longstanding exposure in harsh conditions. In the domestic scene, where installation sites are rather limited, PosMAC is applied in offshore solar structures where extremely high corrosion-resistant materials are required.

POSCO claims “This EPD certification contributes to PosMAC’s competence in solar energy and building materials market in Europe and US where sustainability is a significant movement while enriching the eco-friendly brand image leading the age of low-carbon economy and sustainability.”

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