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POSCO’s Takeaways from CES 2018: Steel Yourself for a Smarter Future


Under POSCO’s vision for smartization, the company has been working to apply new technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT to the manufacturing process. In order to stay competitive in the fourth industrial revolution, POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon has been exploring new ways to improve POSCO’s technology and continue to lead the smart revolution in the global steel industry.

CEO Kwon explores CES 2018

CEO Kwon explores CES 2018

As such, CEO Kwon made his first official visit to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month to stay on top of the latest trends in connectivity and smart solutions that can be applied to the manufacturing process in smart factories.

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Ultimately, a smart factory for POSCO would entail using smart sensors to pick up data, smart analysis through AI and automated production processes. Moreover, the smart factory would store and analyze its big data and apply it to make future improvements and prevent malfunctions. Aligned with many of POSCO’s business growth engines, major topics and themes at CES 2018 included smart homes, smart cities, autonomous cars and AI, and more than 3,900 companies put forth their best innovations.

Smart Connectivity

As more and more cities undergo smart transformations, the next big trend will be data collection and analysis through 5G connectivity. It was no surprise to see numerous innovations in smart transportation, smart grid, public safety, healthcare, data analytics and more at CES 2018. Moreover, city officials from early-adapting cities such as Kansas City, Miami and Las Vegas took to the stage to discuss their cities’ smartization plans. Some of the topics discussed included using GIS mapping software, smart construction, inclusive technology and autonomous transportation to enhance citizens’ productivity, efficiency, safety and well-being.

Two speakers from Bosch talk about smart city solutions on stage at CES 2018.

CES 2018 was a platform for smart city discussion. (Source: Bosch)

CEO Kwon visited related booths to learn about new technologies POSCO could apply to its businesses. Currently, POSCO’s smart factories are run by POSCO ICT’s smart platform called PosFrame, which allows the factory to apply a digital genome map to operations via data collection, instantly convert smart factory initiatives in domains, act as a common platform for new technologies and apply the same, standardize smart factory model to other facilities through reusable software.

Also at this year’s CES, POSCO ICT signed an MOU with DPR Construction, a leading smart construction company to apply PosFrame to construction sites for more efficient, cost-effective and smarter construction processes.

Smart Transportation

Another major theme at this year’s CES was mobility. Namely, autonomous and electric mobility. Companies from all across the board from traditional car manufacturers and software companies to gaming companies lined up to showcase their new innovations.

Even as the market for sustainable EVs and autonomous EVs look to expand in 2018 and beyond, EVs only make up about 1 percent of the global fleet of cars and there’s still a ways to go before EVs become the norm. Drivers need to feel safe in their EVs or autonomous EVs, want greater range on a single charge and need to see more charging infrastructure in their communities before making the switch.

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What’s more is that just because a vehicle runs on electric batteries, it doesn’t automatically mean the vehicle is eco-friendly or transmits less harmful emissions. Manufacturers and consumers alike have to take a lifecycle approach to assess the car’s impact on the environment from production to end of life recycling.

Clients browse POSCO’s products at the 2017 Global EV Materials Forum.

POSCO works with numerous partners to develop leading solutions for electric vehicles.

That’s why POSCO is working with automakers to come up with vital solutions in the auto industry for a greener future. It supplies partners with an advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) called POSCO GIGA STEEL that is both lightweight and super strong, allowing cars to travel with less energy without compromising passenger safety.

POSCO is also a lithium provider and has developed an innovative technology to speed up the extraction process, saving time, costs and damage to the environment. It also works with car makers to apply premium electric steel to partners’ electric motors to increase efficiency and cut costs.

With so many exciting new innovations and technologies surrounding EVs, POSCO will undoubtedly play a significant role in ensuring automakers have the tools they need to realize a green future.  POSCO will work to stay ahead of newly emerging technologies to enhance the efficiency, sustainability and performance of all of its solutions.

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