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POSCO’s Another Innovation, ‘Steel Gallery’


In celebration of the 50th anniversary, POSCO has renovated the exhibition hall with the style of smartization named as ‘Steel Gallery’.


POSCO will make your life better and easier


Future of steel is still bright

The main theme of the new Steel Gallery is ‘Harmony’ which represents that steel will be together with humanity for the next generation. The gallery is mainly composed with future advanced technology that gives incredible experiences of high class technology in POSCO’s world premium products.

One of the technologies we can proudly recommend to feel in our gallery is electric vehicle section. POSCO recognized that future vehicle trend will be dramatically changed with renewable energy such as electrically fueled vehicles. In the Gallery, POSCO introduced its own technology that plays a crucial part for future generation of vehicles such as lightweight frame and various solutions.


VR technology allows giving vivid experience about steel


Steel will be still with us

Another theme of the gallery is close to human life. One specific feature that the gallery makes so impressive is smart system, an interactive wall that helps better understanding of steel to the people who are not familiar with steel. Animated images of steel processing and VR Virtual Reality) are the good examples of smart POSCO. These advanced elements describes important role of steel for our future life.


Collaboration of visual art and steel expressing the steel in our life


‘Kinetic Steel’, Harmony with kinetic art

Finally, Steel Gallery shows fabulous collaborations of art work and steel in terms of kinetic art (also may refer to kinetic steel). For instance, shattered pieces of steel gathered and shape several objects that we can easily see in our life, such as vehicles, buildings and so on. POSCO expects that this incredible artistic feature may bring positive inspiration about steel.


Convenient access to POSCO’s premium products at Steel Gallery on the 2nd floor

As it mentioned above, the ultimate purpose of the Steel Gallery is to get closer to all generations by showing diverse technologies and visual impacts so that general population understand that steel is one of the fundamental elements of our current and even for the future life. POSCO will continue to make efforts for ‘better life for humanity’. The clips below represents that we also hope our achievements bring positive inspiration in global scale.

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